FFXII - Walkthrough - Tomb of Raithwall

Eventually, you get to the Tomb! The game gives you the option to save, which is nice, because there's a boss fight coming up.

Status: Flying
Attacks: Enrage, regular hits (~110-120, combo, induces Sleep)

Outfit your party with long-range weapons (guns/bows). Vossler will use Telekinesis. Watch out because Garuda hits hard and often... after you've taken off some of his HP, finish him off with a strong Quickening combo.

APPARENTLY, the berries you obtain from the "optional" quest I detailed earlier are to be used on the Garuda, which will make the fight easier. So if you're having trouble... do the quest, get the berries, and it will become easier. How it becomes easier? I don't know... never bothered trying it.

After some cutscenes, head up the stairs and save your game. Touch the Ancient Device, and in you go! More boss fights!

Demon Gate
Status: Haste, Reflect
Attacks: Blindga, Doom, Annul, Silence, Chain Magick, Telega (X-Zone), Regular attack (~120), Sleep
Steal: Gold Needle
LP: 30

Run! Unless you've been power-levelling or can string together a sufficient Quickening combo (12+ hits), you won't be able to defeat him in time before he crushes you against the door - and then it's Game Over.. No shame in running to the door and entering the next area... where there's a boss fight you must participate in.

Next screen: you'll face another one, but this time it's mandatory. Though it feels easier (less HP?) and you have a much longer hallway/amount of time to defeat it in. So no problem.

Feel free to run back to the Teleport Crystal to heal, save and relieve yourself of nasty statuses like Doom and X-Zone.

Proceed forward; there's a cutscene, then you go down some stairs. There are three Way Stones forming a triangle. Behind the three is an Urn, with a map for the entire area!

Your mission is to go to the centres of the Northfall and Southfall Passages; in the jewel, defeat the enemies, and teleport out via the Way Stone in both areas. Go back and save your game (using the 3rd Waystone), and then return to either area and move through the newly-opened area (which is not shown on your Location Map).

Cutscene. In the centre of Cloister of Flame... boss battle!

Belias, the Gigas
Steal: Aeris Gem
Absorbs: Fire
Attacks: Regular (~170), Saber (2x dmg with regular attack), Fire (~81), Greater Barrier (Protect/Shell), Firaja (~330 dmg to all, plus chance of Oil)
LP earned: 15
LP to gain: 10

Oddly, an easier fight than Garuda, in my opinion. Possibly because there's no save point immediately preceding the fight. Just watch out for Firaja and remove any Oil statuses that get inflicted. All together, a fairly straightforward fight.

At the end, you get your first Esper! Get the treasure chests on either side of the room, and move on to Chamber of First Light.

Cutscene, and now you got the Dawn Shard. Use the Way Stone and return to the start; save your game!!! Walk down the steps, and... another cutscene, and they get captured again. These guys just can't catch a break!

More cutscenes, a stunning betrayal, and a chance for revenge vs. the traitor...

Status: Shell, Haste
Attack: Regular (~60-85, can be comboed), Reflect, Enrage (Inc phys damage)
Steal: Potion
LP earned: 30 from Vossler, 1 per Imperial Soldier

Fran is Berserked for the entire fight, so if you want to use her.. that's what you'll need to deal with. Otherwise, Vossler doesn't pull off any surprises, it's a straightforward, relatively simple boss fight.

Cutscenes, cutscenes, cutscenes. A new mission is laid out; journey through the Giza Plains, and the Ozmone plains, to Jahara, land of the garif.

Outfit yourself in Rabanastre, do some hunts, just get yourself ready for the lengthy journey ahead.

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