FFXII - Walkthrough - Henne Mines

North Entrance: Touch the Gate Switchboard (on your left as you walk down the hall); touching it turns the light from blue to red and opens up a gate later down
Pithead Junction A: Press the switch. The newly opened area is a loop... halfway through the loop is the urn containing the Henne Mines map Return to Pithead Junction A, press the switch again, and go west.
Phase 1 Shaft: Follow it down, use the West exit when it pops up.
Phase 1 Dig: Follow the Hallway, until the Hallway becomes a cavernous setting. Head south, and go east (turn left) at the 2nd possible hallway. Follow it the entire way to the next area.
Crossover A: Head north the entire way, take the exit out the northeast side.
Crossover B: Go east the whole way, then south.
Pithead Junction B: Press the switch. A TON (15-20) Jellys will gradually drop from above. Odds are you can't take them on yet, so flee out west to the next area.
Crossover A: Same way to Crossover B
Crossover B: A door north of the area that was previously closed is now open, and it leads to the next area.
Staging Shaft: Cutscene. Teleport Crystal. Save your game, boss fight next!

Attacks: Regular (single hit 225~400), Aero (~350 wind range), Disablega, Breath (~400-650 fire range + Sap)
Steal: Ring Wyrm Scale
LP earned: 15

Very straightforward fight. Pretty much sticks with his "Rakes", busting out an Aero every so often. Once his HP's half gone he'll ready Disablega, so have Esuna or Remedy Lore 1 on somebody ready to use. He'll also use Breath at this point, which hits for big damage. Larsa's pretty liberal with the use of Hi- Potions, so that helps.

Cutscenes, and you're back in Eruyt Village, now in possession of "Lente's Tear", which lets you pass through the energy barriers in Golmore Jungle. Save your game (and peruse the item shop if you want). Exit the Village, and go East, through the Needlebrake and Whisperleaf Way.

At the Parting Way, save your game, and proceed to the next area: boss battle!

Elder Wyrm
Status: Shell, Protect
Attacks: Blind, Sleep, Confuse, Slow, Silence, Break, Rake (~400-500), Sporefall (range, multiple statuses: Confuse, Slow, Silence, Blind, Poison, Oil, Sap), Fireball (~2200 with Oil)
Steal: Succulent Fruit
LP earned: 15

He's surrounded by a pair of Treants. He starts by doing statuses individually before busting out his regular, and more tedious attacks. You'll have a hell of a time. Just... keep at it. Larsa is liberal with Hi-Potions so that helps. Just have plenty of Phoenix Downs (for the Fireball-Oil combo) and Handkerchiefs (to get rid of the Oil!) ready, not to mention other status-relieving magics and items.

After the battle, double back and save - odds are you'll be hurting & riddled with statuses. Back through Dell of the Dreamer, and in The Branchway, go east (don't go down the steps).

At the Greenswathe - keep going east! You're out of the jungle, head-first into a blizzard.

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