FFXII - Script

This is the Final Fantasy XII Script, a project undertaken by Martin, member of FF:WA and lover of Final Fantasy XII.

This is your one-stop shop is you haven't played the game and want to know what happens, or if you have played it and need to re-read or re-experience a certain scene.

Dialogue is set up so quite simply; the person's name is located to the left.

Balthier: That's what I said.

Any actions, events, FMV's or descriptions of scenes will be in [ ] brackets. Example:

Balthier: I see. [He smirks]

I believe that pretty much sums it up. As always, if you have any questions, comments or opinions on the script, be sure to e-mail me, martinffwa@gmail.com, and I'll see what I can do for you!

Chapter 1 (Opening - Giza Plains)

Chapter 2 (Royal Palace - Nalbina Dungeon)

Chapter 3 (Bhujerba - Dreadnought Leviathan)

Chapter 4 (Ogir-Yensa Sandsea - Jahara)

Chapter 5 (Golmore Jungle - Mt. Bur-Omisace)

Chapter 6 (Stillshrine of Miriam - Old Archades)

Chapter 7 (Archades - Draklor Laboratories)

Chapter 8 (Feywood - Pharos)

Chapter 9 (Sky Fortress Bahamut)

Chapter 10 (Ending)

Script Copyright Martin and Final Fantasy: Worlds Apart (FFWA.org) 2007; not to be reproduced or distributed without expressed written consent.

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