FFXII - Walkthrough - Nalbina Fortress

After the opening cutscenes, you're introduced to some characters and instructed on the basics. You can see the mini-map in the top right corner of your screen; to see the Location Map, press select. Note that I refer to the Location Map frequently.

The Left Analog stick controls your movement, Right Analog stick controls the camera. X-button talks to people who can be talked to (generally show up as green dots on the mini-map). X is also the confirmation button for entering commands, opening doors/chests, etc.

Speak to the Dalmascan, and open the gate. By bringing up the Location Map, you'll be instructed on where to go. So, go there, dispatching enemies along the way. Boss fight time!

Air Cutter Remora
HP: ???
Advice: It's weak to Thunder, which Reks has and which does about three times as much as his physical attack, so go with that. If Reks gets injured, don't worry; the other units should heal him, but cast Cure if you want. It's the first boss of the game and you've got Basch and three other units helping you... so it's really nothing.

Afterwards, time to proceed further. The pale green rectangle you see on the Mini-map indicates where to go to exit the area. On the field, a screen's exit is denoted by a line of blue-ish balls of energy floating in mid-air.

Continuing on: Basch advises you on how to run away (R2, if you feel the need). Avoid the riff raff of battles and just go to the next screen.

Upper Apartments: the game's first save crystal. Next screen, Basch leaves you, and Reks is all alone to take on three Imperial Swordsmen. You can fight them, or you can run... it doesn't make any difference. In any case, proceed to the big red X on your Location map.

Cutscenes and plot twists, oh my!

Fast forward a couple of years, and some actual gameplay.

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