FFXII - Walkthrough - Rabanastre

You're in control of Vaan. Kill the three rats scurrying about. Cutscenes galore, as you get introduced to Rabanastre (the game's main city) as well as Penelo, Vaan's friend. After a conversation with her, you're given both the World Map (which gets filled up as the game progresses) and the Location Map for Rabanastre. Pretty much all the shops are closed to you at this point, so go where the Map tells you to - Migelo's Sundries.

Cutscene. The shops are now open, but don't bother buying anything yet. Go to the Sandsea (check your Location Map) and speak to Kytes, who's looking at a posting board.

You're given a tutorial on using licenses, and introduced to mark hunting! First mark... the Rogue Tomato. You also obtain an Orrachea Armlet.

Head to Rabanastre's East Gate, and after a brief cutscene, you'll be out in the Dalmasca Estersand. Your vicious mark is nearbye to be confronted... the dreaded Rogue Tomato.

Rogue Tomato
Attacks: Flame Breath (~20 dmg), Ram (~10 dmg)
Steal: Pebble

Advice: After taking off half its hp it will jump off the ledge, so you have to follow it to finish it off. ALSO, WATCH OUT FOR WILD SAURIAN - the gamemakers threw in a monster you have NO shot of defeating at this point of the game, but so long as you don't go near him and/or antagonize him, he won't destroy you.

After defeating the Rogue Tomato, head back to Rabanastre. The door is barred shut... Kytes is part of the crowd of people. Speak to him.

Numerous cutscenes; Rabanastre's "Lowtown" is now available. Check your Location Map - enter Lowtown and go to Old Dalan's, located in Lowtown's South Sprawl (clearly indicated with a circled red X).

Cutscenes, and a new destination; the Nomad Village in Giza Plains. Go to Southgate, save your game at the gate crystal (a save crystal that can teleport you to other gate crystals, which isn't useful at this time) and head south.

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