FFXII - Walkthrough - Archades

Venture about. There are a variety of shops about, so do what you feel like.
-When you're ready to continue, head to the western part of the Nilbasse area... speak to the Cab Attendant: you'll need to acquire "9 chops" to get the hell out of here.

You'll speak to someone with a story or anecdote; memorize it; and recite it to someone to whom the story has a special meaning. That person will give you a chop... get 9 and you're ready to proceed. Also, I believe you lose some more cash to Jules here... nothing you can't handle, though.

-The people tend to walk around, so they might not be exactly where I listed them as being, but they should be in roughly the approximate area
-If I recall correctly, people don't get their titles until you speak to them. That is, the individual won't be referred to as "Senior Researcher" until you speak to them... beforehand, it will likely be some generic title like "Archadian".

Now that that's established, let's get started. In the Nilbasse area:

(1) Just North of the cab, speak to Senior Researcher to get "Words of Encouragement".
East of her, speak to the Failed Researcher.

(2) Also slightly northeast of the cab, Gentleman Onlooker, commit "Working up a Sweat" to memory.
Now, check for the guy running about talking to people, by the name of "Eager Crier".

(3) Walking up (or down?) the steps heading east in this area, speak to Worried Husband, commit "Wages Halved" to memory.
Northwest of cab, speak to Materialistic woman.

(4) Way to the east by the entrance to Rienna, speak to Researcher, commit "Time to Leave" to memory.
By the eastern exit to Molberry, speak to Ex-Researcher.

(5) Centre-east area, chat with the Aspiring Starlet (woman in a purple dress with her hair tied up) for "The Path to Stardom"
By the exit to Rienna, speak to the elderly woman holding a parasol, Faded Star

(6) Top of the stairs heading east, speak to the Athletic Woman for "A Grand Line of Gamesmen"
Now speak to Avid Reader, mulling about in the research laboratory outfit in the area in front of the cab.

Unfortunately, that's all we can do in Nilbasse. Let's get the final 3 in Molberry; go North.

(7) Speak to the Talented Woman (white pants, yellow halter top with black straps)... in Molberry upon entering from Nilbasse's western exit. Tends to run from person to person... she'll tell you "A Knack for Magick".
Northerwest, at the top of the stairs, a slowly-walking Akademician.

(8) To the left of the Mummer (juggler), Daughter-in-Law tells of "A Trinket from Giza"
North of the steps, also running from person to person... not very well dressed, and sporting a headband, the common attire of Giza Plain nomads. His name? Man from Giza.

(9) Top of the stairs (northwest area); Would-be Judge dreams "To be a Judge".
Next stop: Judge's Wife, who can also be found north of Molberry's western exit to Nilbasse. She's the same character model (dress/hairdo) as Aspiring Starlet (purple dress).

9 chops... now that wasn't too hard, was it? If you haven't been to the shops in Archades yet, do your business now, then head to the cab.

Exit the cab.. Balthier is back, with the group's strategy for the laboratory invasion. To the left of your cab's exit is the Archades teleport crystal... save your game.

Proceed forward. Try to get into the next area - no dice, according to the Imperial & Docent. Backtrack... more cutscenes. When you're ready, speak to the Cab Guide, say the magic words... and you're off!

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