FFXII - Clan Centurio

Clan Centurio becomes accessible after defeating the Rogue Tomato and speaking to Tomaj. Entering it is entirely optional; in fact, you could go the entire game without visiting it at all! But by doing that, you would miss out on countless opportunities and an assortment of rewards based on advancing your clan rank and by defeating bosses.

The following table lists the possible Clan Ranks, the requirements for achieving such ranks (in terms of mark hunts completed and Clan Points attained), and the prize you will receive by speaking to Montblanc, the head of Clan Centurio!

Clan Rank Marks Clan Points Reward
Moppet--3 Potions
Hedge Knight27002 Warp Motes, 2 Teleport Stones
Rear Guard48,0003 Remedies, 2 Teleport Stones
Vanguard820,0003 Hi-Potions, 2 Teleport Stones
Headhunter1030,0002 Ethers, 2 Teleport Stones
Ward of Justice1240,0002 X-Potions, 2 Teleport Stones
Brave Companion14100,0002 Hi-Ethers, 3 Teleport Stones
Riskbreaker16200,0002 Elixirs, 3 Teleport Stones
Paragon of Justice24250,000High Arcana, 3 Teleport Stones
High Guardian28300,000Empyreal Soul, 3 Teleport Stones
Knight of the Round32500,0002 Megalixirs, 3 Teleport Stones
Order of Ambrosia451,000,000Centurio Hero's Badge, 3 Teleport Stones

NOTE: To attain the title of Order of Ambrosia, not only do you need to have completed all 45 mark hunts and attained 1,000,000 Clan Points, but you also need to have completed the Sky Pirate's Den. Furthermore, the Centurio's Hero Badge is utterly worthless; it doesn't unlock any special dungeons or special items. It is merely a symbol of your mastery of all aspects of the game.

The following tables details the rewards received from Montblanc for beating certain bosses, as well as the comment given to you by Montblanc on behalf of the reward's contributor.

Boss Reward Rewarder's comment
Flans150 gilPresented in recognition of labors undertaken to lessen the dangers of the Garamsythe Waterway. -Rabanastre Common Council
Firemane200 gilAwarded for the collection of samples to be used in study of certain intractable maladies. -Rabanastre Healers Covent
Mimic Queen300 gilA young lady sent you this, with her compliments. "For proving that my dad, who was imprisoned in Nalbina, was innocent."
1st Demon Wall1200 gil, Nugget of ElectrumPresented in gratitude for the laying open of new avenues of research into the past. -Society of Antiquaries
2nd Demon Wall600 gil, Warp MotePresented in gratitude for discoveries providing new insights into the times of King Raithwall. -Society of Antiquaries
1st Esper2 Arcanae, 2 Teleport StonesAn epic Tale embark I now to write, Of you whose Deeds give voice to silent Muse. -Eurek
Elder Wyrm800 gilIn thanks for stilling the anger of the wood. - Viera Wood-warders
Tiamat900 gilGiven in notice of labors undertaken to lessen the dangers we daily face. -Henne Miners' Guild
Vinuskar1100 gilIn thanks for providing us with a most singular example of platinum from Vinuskar's scales. -The Platinum Guild
Earth Tyrant1200 gilFor keeping safe the routes of trade, that no merchant need walk in fear through these lands. -The Merchants' Caravan
King Bomb1300 gil, MalletAwarded for labors undertaken to reopen the Salika Highroad. -Salikawood Garrison
Ahriman1600 gilThe tavernmaster sends you this, with his compliments. "Wanted to thank you for helping me get hold of that Ahriman offal. Makes for some awful good eats!"
Mandragoras1600 gilPresented for the furtherance of our knowledge of the Mandragora family. -Friends of the Mandragora
4th EsperHigh Arcana, 2 Teleport StonesExtolling praise my Quill doth find delight, The Lay I sing, your Acts withal infused. -Eurek
Rafflesia1800 gilThe garif send you this, with their compliments. "In thanks for avenging our fallen brother."
Daedalus1900 gilI give you this, with my compliments! That's no mean feat you've accomplished, vanquishing foul beasties in uncharted lands. You've made me proud, kupo!
Tyrant1900 gilI give you this, with my compliments! That's no mean feat you've accomplished, vanquishing foul beasties in uncharted lands. You've made me proud, kupo!
Hydro2000 gilIn consideration of making our clan work in Balfonheim far easier. -Clan Buckaboo
8th EsperNugget of Gemsteel, 2 Teleport StonesO happy Fortune, that this Life be mine, To live and lie 'neath Stars aligned with thine. -Eurek
Humbaba Mistant2100 gilFor bravely ridding our home of the creatures that had profaned it. -The Fallen of Nadbus
Fury2100 gil, Amphora of Bacchus's wineFor bravely ridding our home of the creatures that had profaned it. -The Fallen of Nabudis
Hell Wyrm50000 gilI give you this, with my compliments! I'm beside myself to have a member of my clan accomplish so great a feat, kupo!
13th EsperSerpentarius, 2 Teleport StonesDown Time's vast Halls resound this Rime I've penned, And herewith I my Tale bring to its End. -Eurek