FFXII - Walkthrough - Feywood

Walk of Flitting Rifts. To the east is an exit to Paramina Rift; exits to the south and southeast take you further into the Feywood but you definitely want the southeast one.
Walk of Stolen Truths: stick to the left side. Just go left... you'll get to a dead end with an urn, and the map of the Feywood. YEAH! Go down to Antiquity's End
Antiquity's End: Save Crystal. Make use of it. Approach the Mist; cutscenes, and eventually it'll let you in, where it's boss fight time!

Status: Shell
Steal: X-Potion
Attacks: Nectar Volley (~800 + Sap), Cry for Help (Malboo appears), Pollen Dance (Confuse), Curse (multiple statuses, range), Syphon, Toxify (Sap-all)
LP: 30

An "MP field" or whatever drains your MP.... kind of like Sap, but for MP instead of HP, and much quicker. You'll be at 0 in no time, so X-Potions will probably be your pal this battle. Just make sure your gambits are set to items, and not magic, and you'll be fine.

Redolent Glade: go south
White Magick's Embrace: go left, and stick to this (Eastern) wall, as you continue going south... you'll eventually run into an urn with a "Feywood Candle", which completes the "hidden" portion of the Feywood. great! Now you see where you need to go.
Ice Field of Clearsight: the exit is to the southwest, but it won't just let you go to it... you need to do the whole song and dance.

There are 4 "Shrines of the Lost" in Ice Field of Clearsight; northwest, northeast, southwest and southeast. Begin at the Northeast one, stand on the Feywood Glyph and look around (that is, turning the right analog stick); one of the exits will show an apparition of a forest... that's the direction to go.

From the northeast one, exit through the area with the apparition and run in a straight line... and it'll take you to the northwest shrine. From there, do the same thing, run in a straight line, and you'll go to the southeast one. And from there, same thing, now to the southwest one. From there, following the apparition takes you to the exit... which allows you to go to the next area, once and for all.

The Edge of Reason: same thing here. If you got the Feywood Candle, you'll see there are 5 Shrines... northwest, northeast, central, southeast and southwest. Northeast and Northwest are both decoys, so go to the Central one. Central leads to Southwest, Southwest to Southeast, and Southeast to Gate Gigas.

Gate Gigas won't open when you touch it... if you have a good memory, you might recall a certain esper named Belias, the Gigas. Make sure someone has learned to summon Belias (a mere 10 LP, and located in an easily-accessible part of the License Board). Summon Gigas, so it's just him & your summoner. NOW touch the gate.... Belias will bust it open for you.

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