FFXII - Walkthrough - Stilshrine of Miriam

Head in, turn right, go a bit ahead, turn left, then another left. You'll see a Pedestal; "Pedestal of the Dawn". You need to have your main character have the Dawn Shard equipped; otherwise you have to battle a few zombies for a measily 1 exp each. So touching it with the Dawn Shard teleports you down to the next area.

Ward of Velitation: go straight ahead.
Walk of Torn Illusion: go around (either way) and touch the pedestal (again, so long as you have the Dawn Shard equipped). Return to Ward of Velitation, and descend either of the new paths that have formed (left or right side).
Walk of Revelation: a green save point? watch out, it's a Crystalbug... you need to defeat it before it turns into a regular save crystal. Save your game. Descend the steps and go right on ahead.
Ward of the Sword-King: Down the hall, turn left. Touch the huge stone sword; turn 180 degrees and go straight on ahead. The door there, previously locked, is now opened. Touch the Way Stone.
Ward of Measure: back where we started, but the doors to the side are now unlocked. There are 3 statues spread out in the stilshrine; we want them all to face the stone monolith w/ the massive sword, so we need to turn them around accordingly. That is:

-The Stone Brave to the west must face east
-The Stone Brave to the south must face north
-The Stone Brave to the east must face west

Taking the door on the left side...

Cold Distance (West Side): Go south, then West
Walk of Prescience: You see a triple-pronged path in front of you. You want to take the right-most path; the other two loop into each other. By taking the right-most path you arrive at the first of three statues, or "Stone Braves". Turn it counterclockwise, so it's facing east. Continue on to the next area.

Walk of Reason: Follow, the path, opening doors until you get to the poor where you can go left or right; either way, there are stairs leading up, so take them up. After this first set of stairs, there's a second set; this time, you must take the ones on your right leading up. Take another right at the next intersection, and there's the second "Stone Brave". Turn it counterclockwise, so it's facing north. From the Stone Brave, go east, then north, and take the exit to the next area.

Cold Distance (East Side): follow the path and take the first exit you see, on your right side.

Ward of Steel: Follow the path... boss fight!

Status: None
Attacks: Crown (~400 + slow), Sword Dance (~400 each), Slow, Regular hit (~100), Lunge (~300)
Steal: Knot of Rust
LP earned: 19

"Metal" equipment is heavy in this fight, so if your action bar fills painfully slow for a character, try switching it up. Otherwise... maybe I was over- levelled, but I found this painfully easy - again, most likely because the previous save point was so far away.

After the boss fight, head on to the next area. There you'll get the Urn (map of the Stilshrine!) and the final Stone Brave (turn is clockwise, so it's facing west)

You should get a notice that the colossus has undergone a change, again so long as:

-The Stone Brave in Walk of Prescience is facing east
-The Stone Brave in Walk of Reason is facing north
-The Stone Brave in Ward of Steel is facing west

When you leave the room, the notice will be even more pronounced: you'll see a cutscene of the sword lifting. Go back to the Way Stone, and back to the sword; now you can pass it! NOTE: IF YOU'RE NOT FEELING CONFIDENT, GO SAVE YOUR GAME... ANOTHER BOSS FIGHT UP AHEAD!

Not just that, but an Esper fight.

Mateus, the Corrupt
Status: Reflect, Protect
Attacks: Regular (~230), Blizzaja (~400-600 all + Sap), Reflect, Flash Freeze (???)
Absorbs: Ice
Steal: Pisces Gem
LP earned: 17
LP to acquire:

Accompanied by 5 Ice Azers (2708 HP, weak Lightning) who'll be busy with Blizzard, Curaga, and Sleep. Piece of cake... Blizzaja is the only moderately damaging attack, but still, I personally found this to be easy... can't really give much more advice.

After the battle, return to the entrance. Cutscenes; return to Mt Bur-Omisace (either on foot or via the teleport crystal). Save your game. Go to the main temple: another boss fight.

Judge Bergan
Status: Protect, Shell
Attacks: Lunge (~300), Regular hit (~300-350, comboable, induces Blind), Battle Cry (strength up - reg hit does 450)
Steal: Hi-Potion
LP: 14

The three Judges are behind you - might as well take them out first before moving on to the main course. Bergan is fairly simple, so... just take him out!

More cutscenes, and a new mission... we're going to Archades. It's a long, long, long journey. Like, a good 4 or 5 dungeons/areas to pass through before reaching it.

Do what you need to (hunts/buying new stuff). Ready to proceed? The best way to go about doing it is via Nalbina Fortress. So, warp in there, and head north to Mosphoran Highwastes.

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