FFXII - Walkthrough - Draklor Laboratories

66th Floor: go North. Examine the terminal and go to the 67th floor.
67th Floor: go East, then North, through a door entitled "C.D.B.". Cutscene, and you obtain Lab Access Card, plus the map of the Laboratory! The mini-map will be distorted for now, but don't worry about that...still got your trusty Location Map! First door on your right (Rm 6704 East) has a save point, so save your game.

Exit, and take next door to your right: Rm 6703. Touch the Bulkhead Controls, and the blue bulkheads will open.

Back to the elevator, and up to the 68th floor.

68th floor: there's only one path to follow (everything else is closed by red bulkheads). The one open door: Rm 6803 East. Another set of bulkhead controls; open the red ones up.

Exit the room, go north, and then west (newly opened path just above the blacked-out door). Enter Rm 6804 West... touch the bulkhead controls to open up the blue ones.

Next stop is the Southwest corner, so upon exiting the room, turn left & go south... you'll eventually get to Rm 6811 West. Enter it, and change the bulkheads AGAIN, so now the red ones are opened.

Now the entrance to the previously-unreachable elevator is open... go up to the 70th floor. Cutscene; SAVE YOUR GAME before going up the stairs. Another cutscene, and a fantastic boss fight!

Doctor Cid & Rook x4
Status: Protect, Shell
Steal: Knot of Rust, Hi-Potion
Attacks: Greater Barrier (Protect + Shell?), Regular (~550), Paling, Haste, s-27 Tomahawk (~600 dmg all)
LP: 45 for Cid, 1 per Rook

The Rooks mainly deal in beneficial statuses like Protect, Shell, Regen and Reflect, though they'll occasionally do damage (and spells like Syphon and Drain). Take out the Rooks first... he'll eventually throw a Paling around himself, so finish off the remaining Rooks or resort to using Magic (don't bother with Quickenings because he's immune to them too...). When he slowly walks away, he'll soon use S-27 Tomahawk, a rather nice looking attack, but... it only seemed to do around 600 damage to my team. Maybe because my levels were so high, I dunno...

Unlike most bosses, you only need to get him to 1/4 of his HP (around HP Critical) before the battle's over. So, to recap: take out the rooks, get through his Paling, and keep your character's well healed (his regular gun attack comes frequently, especially with Haste).

After the battle, more cutscenes, and a new destination: Giruvegan. But for now, you're in Balfonheim.

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