FFXII - Walkthrough - Tchita Uplands

Realm of the Elder Dream: Exits are East and Southeast - you want to take the east one. So bear east, and when you hit the cliff, go south (north is a dead end)
The Skytrail: Continue east, taking a bridge across, and then a bit more east until the exit
The Chosen Path: Teleport crystal... save your game, and speak to the Archadian Wayfarer! He gives you a key which is required to proceed further in the game... he also tells you where to go next; east through Highlands, north through Fields of Eternity.
The Highlands: continue east, sticking alongside the northern wall/cliff, and take the first exit North that appears.
Fields of Eternity: north. Follow the path of dirt until you eventually arrive at a grassy clearing, and in the distance you can see a cave... go there.

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