FFXII - Walkthrough - Lhusu Mines

Your map outlines exactly where you want to end up: the large Square area in Lhusu Mine's "Site 2". So:

-Through the Shaft Entry; north, west, and take the hallway on the leftmost side.
-Oltam Span: either go across the bridge (numerous enemies spawn) or take the passageway down and to the side
-Transitway 1: Go right.
-Shunia Twinspan: Same as Oltam Span.
-Site 2: make your way to that Square area...

Cutscenes, and a potential boss fight, though the game advises that you run away. In case you want to stick around:

HP 3983
Weak: Water
Immune: Fire
Status: Protect, Shell, Haste

HP 1593
Weak: Water
Immune: Fire
Status: Protect

HP 1650
Weak: Water
Immune: Fire
Status: Protect Haste

HP 1745
Weak: Water
Immune: Fire
Status: Protect

If you want to take them on (and think you can do it!) then give it a shot. Otherwise, Flee Flee Flee! They should stop following you once you enter the "Shaft Entry" area.

Note that Larsa's run away so you're just a party of 3... unless you've power- levelled (20+) or have a few Mist quickenings, you're probably better off running away.

Exit the mines; more cutscenes, and a new mission - get the notoriety bar to 100%! Save your game, and go around town pressing Square to groups of people. Watch out for "Informed Sainikah", men with green pants, yellow shirts and helmets covering the top half of their heads; if they're within distance of your shouting, your Notoriety will be bumped down.

"Parijinahs" (Informed, or City) are the best. Here are a few of their locations:

-Miners' End, directly before the exit to Kaff Terrace, gives 20% notoriety.
-Miners' End, where the path north splits in two (watch out for the nearbye Sainikah)
-Kaff Terrace, nearer the entrance, speaking to some woman sitting around

Once you're at 100%, cutscenes happen. Your next destination is Ondore's residence (located with the red X on your Location Map). Feel free to save and peruse Bhujerba's shops before going there, though.

More cutscenes; you're taken prisoner aboard the Dreadnought Leviathan, but quickly escape. Vossler joins your party as a guest, and you receive a map of the Leviathan, thus aiding your cause.

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