FFXII - Walkthrough - Eruyt Village

Save your game. Talk to the moogle and buy the village map. Proceed ahead. Go to the northeast edge of the third area. Cutscenes. Your next destination: Henne Mines. While you're in the Eruyt Village, feel free to peruse the item shop, save your game, and walk through the Golmore Jungle back to the Ozmone Plain.

At the Sunlit Path, give a Potion to the fallen soldier. Talk to him again to be given a chocobo. In the next area, move forward a little bit, and cut left as soon as you get the chance; you'll see some chocobo footprints on the ground, it's an area only traversable via chocobo.

You'll now be in The Shred, leading into the Henne Mines. Try to enter, and you'll witness a cutscene... before entering.

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