FFXII - Walkthrough - Phon Coast

Kaukula Pass: Save your game
The Reseta Strand: Take the exit to the Southwest of the area
The Mauleia Strand: Take the southeast exit (so, head south while sticking to east side)
Pora-Pora Sands: Southeast exit again
Cape Uahuk: Head east, while sticking to the northern part of the area (because there's an impassable ridge that takes up a good 80% amount of space so being north helps you avoid it)
Hunters' Camp: At last, the destination we've been aiming for! After a cutscene, you'll see there's an item seller, a teleport crystal, and even a posting board so you dont need to go back to the sandsea for hunts! And in the northwest part of the area (between the area exits to Camp Uahuk and an area directly north of the camp) is everyone's favourite Cartographers' Guild moogle! Buy the Phon Coast map.

Now you see how vast Phon Coast is, but there's not really much to do there, and the next area provide better levelling opportunities. So, follow the map and proceed to the next area - Tchita Uplands.

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