FFXII - Walkthrough - The Salikawood

The Omen-Spur: follow the path (only one way to next area)
Path of Hours: Save Crystal - save your game and proceed on.
Trunkwall Road: Stick to the right side of the path and follow it. That is, when you get to an intersection, just go right everytime. Eventually you'll come across the Urn, with the map of the Salikawood! I love maps... they make my FAQ that much easier.

Besides Mosphoran Highwaste, there are 3 exits out of the Salikawood

Exit in Piebald Path: Leads to Nabreus Deadlands. Optional dungeon that's probably tricky at this point in the game/these levels
Exit in Corridor of Ages: Leads to Necrohol of Nabudis/ You are NOT fit to battle in the Necrohol yet, so watch out.
Exit in Living Chasm: Leads to Phon Coast, the next area on your journey to Archades.

So, go to Living Chasm, and talk to Moogle Boss; time to find his 9 helpers, which your location map kindly points out where they're located; Path of Hours, Trunkwall Road, and two sets in Garden of Decay. When you've got all 9, the path to Phon Coast will be opened & they'll give you the option to join them at the gate!

Note: there's a teleport crystal in Quietened Trace, so be sure to make use of that before getting the 9th moogle... unless you want to check out the Deadlands or Necrohol, then get the moogles and then save.

Good thing you saved, because, in Grand Bowser, there's optional boss fight! If you ever want to go to the Deadlands or the Necrohol, you need to pass through here. You don't have to do the fight right now, but for future reference:

King Bomb
Attacks: Fira (~400-600), Lunge (~420), Cry for Help (Bomb appears), Renew (full Restore), Chain Reaction (all Bombs initiate Mass Destruct - huge range damage), Chain Magick (serves as level up - becomes stronger)
Steal: Bomb Shell
LP: 22

He's surrounded by 3 Bombs, each w/ 3233 HP and weak to water.

He uses Renew after 3 Bombs appear via "Cry for Help"... VERY tedious. After Renewing twice (with 3 bombs on field), he did a 3rd renew out of the blue, as he was approaching HP Critical. My strong advice: if you don't have your lvl 3 quickenings yet, get them and BLOW THIS FLAMING PIECE OF CRAP AWAY (getting him to about half his HP and unloading a double-digit Quickening combo should be enough!)

Now that that's all done, how about some Phon coast action?

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