FFXII - Walkthrough - Giza Plains

You'll notice the Location Map is incomplete and only becomes revealed as you venture forward. Head directly south to arrive at the red x - and the village. There's a save crystal here, so feel free to make use of it. Now speak to Nomad - she's just north of the save point, standing in front of a rather large ebony stone.

Some more cutscenes, and Penelo joins your party! Speak to the Nomad Youth, and then attempt to leave the village - Penelo will give you 3 Potions and 2 Phoenix Downs.

The Gambit system is now available! Sweet! Save yourself some trouble and get the hang of it... enable gambits on both Vaan and Penelo, and the game almost plays itself. Constantly entering commands gets old real fast, too.

Now you'll want to go to Crystal Glade. The quickest route:
-Exit Nomad Village to the west
-Toam Hills: head directly south to the next area
-Starfall Field: head south for a tiny bit, then go east.
-Tada, Crystal Glade! Save your game and speak to the kid.

New mission: turn the Shadestone into a Sunstone. The Location Map lists where the 4 dark crystals are. My recommendation:

-Head west and use Starfall Field's crystal to bump the gauge up to 50%.
-Go east through Crystal Glade to Gizas South Bank, and drain its crystal for an extra 28%
-From there, go north to Gizas North Bank, which will put you at 100%

Cutscenes. Afterwards, you get your prize for helping the Nomads out... 50 gil, 2 Potions, and 2 Teleport Stones.

Also, you can buy a complete map of the Giza Plains from a moogle by the northern entrance of Nomad Village for a mere 30 gil - a good deal in my opinion.

Exit the village, and Penelo will leave your party, but don't worry... you'll see her again.

Return to Rabanastre, save your game at the gate crystal, and return to Lowtown & Old Dalan's place.

Cutscene - now you have the Crescent Stone... another cutscene, and it's back to gameplay. Your destination is the Garamsythe Waterways, but before you go, you should head back to Rabanastre and do all your business, since there's no turning back once you're in the palace. So, what to do?

-Sell all your Loot EXCEPT Teleport Stones. Loot is meant to be sold (it's your main source of income in the game, really), and selling certain things can make items available for sale at the bazaar.
-Go to Tomaj to receive your reward for killing the Rogue Tomato; 300 gil, 2 Potions and a Teleport Stone.
-The Thextera hunt becomes available, so feel free to speak to the necessary person & accept it, but don't venture out to fight it yet... it's too much for Vaan to handle alone, really
-Once you've talked to Tomaj, you can join Clan Centurio. Speak to Montblanc once to join the clan, and a second time for him to give you 3 Potions (as a reward for joining)
-Head to the Muthru Bazaar and find the Clan Provisioner; as your clan rank goes up, you can purchase superior items here. Of course, for your initial rank, you can only purchase Potions... but keep this place in mind
-Go to the Magick shop: Blizzard will come in handy later. Cure will take some pressure off your Potion supply. Protect is always handy.. buy what you can.

If you think you're satisfied with what you have, head to the Garamsythe Waterway (you'll get 2 potions and 4 eye drops from Kytes before entering).

You'll want to take the door on the left; you can take the door on the right to go to Vaan's "training area" (no rats there now) but the door leading elsewhere in the Waterway is still locked. So, take the door on the left!

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