FFXII - Walkthrough - Giruvegan

Gate of Earth: go forward... teleport crystal on your left, use it. Continue onwards. Touch the Way Stone.
Gate of Water: Uh oh, something's waiting for you up ahead! Be prepared for a boss battle, and as you approach it... there it is.

Steal: Dark Crystal
Attacks: Haste, Darkra (?), Tremor (?), Ice Break (~600 range), Regular (~450, comboable), Pulsar Wave (~800 + Disable range), Rage (~1400 range), Smite of Rage (~1400 single)
LP: 33

Ridiculously easy. Starts off with some hit-all moves like Darkra and Tremor, but towards the end, it's mainly just a regular physical attack & the occasional Pulsar Wave. At HP Critical he uses Rage, defence and strength go up, but still... pitifully easy. You should have no trouble with it, though again, watch out at HP Critical - 4 or 5 hits to a non-melee character can result in over 4,000 damage, and a KO, but that's about your only concern.

Honestly, I might be a bit overlevelled, but I had to turn off my Foe gambits because i nearly killed him without seeing what most of his attacks were... geez.

After it's done, a Way Stone appears that takes you to the next area in Giruvegan... but oddly enough, there's no save crystal there. So run back to the teleport crystal and save your game before proceeding further.

The Trimahla Water-Steps: Well this part's a bit tedious. Turn left (that is, go south) and touch the Gate Stone; a nearbye green barrier of energy dissipates. Go where the barrier used to be, and head south, down two ramps, and you'll arrive at an area with another gate stone that has a Mythril Golem on both sides of it. Take them out and touch the stone.

Now, remember how you went DOWN two ramps to touch the gate stone? Turn around, go up one ramp, but don't go up the 2nd... you'll be back where you started. Go DOWN the next one (it's on the left side). If you're confused, look at your Location Map, it gives you an idea on where you need to go next.

Now after going down this next one, do a 180 degree turn and go down two more ramps. Another 180 degree turn, down another two ramps. Another 180, down a final ramp. Though you can't see it, there is an invisible pathway between the two Mythril Golems standing there.... defeat them, or simply walk right through, and you'll go to the next area. again, so long as you touched the two Gate Stones.

The Aadha Water-Steps: More tedium. From now on, I'll refer to platforms, ramps, and 180 degree turns. Of course, a 180 degree turn means the ramp you need to go to is beside the one you just went down... so you turn around 180 degree and go down (or up) that other ramp.

First platform: go down the ramp.
Second platform: Mythril Golems & a Gate Stone. Touch it. A nearbye green energy barrier is still there. REMEMBER THIS... you'll be coming back here. In the meantime, go down the one available downward ramp.
Third platform: 180 degree turn, down the ramp.
Fourth platform: 180 degree turn, down the ramp.
Fifth platform: straight ahead, down the ramp. This is the area's second gate stone... touch it, and return to that green energy barrier I told you about.

From here: down two ramps, 180 degree turn, down a ramp, and there we go... a 3rd gate stone. touch it. 180 degree turn, down a ramp, another 180 degree turn, down a ramp, platform, up a ramp, platform, down a ramp, 180 degree turn, down a ramp, platform, continue straight ahead down another ramp until you're at the final platform... two more Mythril Golems and another invisible exit to the next area.

The Haalmmikah Water-Steps: Something a bit more straightforward. Go ahead; save your game at the crystal.

Gate of Fire: no enemies here, so no worries. However, the exit to the next area is another hidden passageway, this one giving you no indication where it is.

The area in question is the area in between the other two areas on the Location Map... you'll see the big crystal in the distance. You'll be facing Northeast. Walk off the ledge and the secret path will appear... follow it all the way.... boss fight vs. Tyrant!

Status: Protect, Shell, Haste
Attacks: Lunge (~800-900), Regular (~530), Bile (~320), Fireball (~930 range), Sonic Fangs (~600), Piercing Graviga (~2000 range)

Technick field - no technicks allowed! Very sad. Watch out for Piercing Graviga, otherwise you should be fine... unless you've been dependent on technicks up to this point? In which case, I shudder at the thought.

With the boss defeated, a Waystone appears.... and leads to one of the more tedious dungeons in FF history. It's "The Great Crystal" and there is NO LOCATION MAP... OH GOD.

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