FFXII - Walkthrough - Garamsythe Waterway

More cutscenes; back in the Waterway, Balthier and Fran join your party! Aww yeah! Save your game. As you proceed forward, you'll trigger Balthier's explanation of the gambit system.

Check out the fallen soldiers on the ground. Head to the next area.

Go left; open up the urn to get the map of the Garamsythe Waterway! With the map in your possession and the Location Map complete, I don't need to give you directions on what to do. Just continue onwards.

There's a save point at the East Sluice Control; save your game. Up ahead, Ashe escapes some Imperial soldiers, who you then have to battle - there are four in all. One of them has Protect, so if you bought any of the black magics, have Fran pelt him with them; focus your physical attacks on the non-protected soldiers.

More cutscenes; approach "Amalia", and she joins your group as a guest. She has her own gambits and commands, and her inventory of items is totally separate from yours; basically, she's her own person just fighting alongside you for the present.

DON'T GO TO THE NEXT SCREEN - GO BACK TO THE CRYSTAL AND SAVE YOUR GAME. Once you do, feel free to proceed to the next area (Southern Sluiceway).

Did you save? Good, because it's fighting time!

Boss fight vs. 4 Flans
Attacks: Slap (10-15 damage), Blind
Steal: Potions

Did you buy Fire in Rabanastre? Hope you did, because the Flans are weak to it. Set Fire to be Fran's Foe gambit - when her MP is low, set it back to Attack. Amalia's got a gambit set to Potion so don't worry too much about healing. Really quite simple, but that shouldnt be too surprising, this early in the game.

Once the fight's over, head back to the save point to heal/save your game, and then venture forward. Through the Southern Sluiceway to the West Sluice Control, up to the No. 10 Channel, and east to the Central Waterway Control. Once there, save your game. Open the "Overflow Cloaca" door leading to the next area... and another boss battle.

Lvl 7
HP: 3571/3571
Weak: Water
Attacks: Rush ~60, Kick ~60, Fire ~90, Bushfire ~90 all + chance of Poison

He hits hard, and often. If your Gambit for healing is set to Cure, you might want to set it to Potion - however, your Potion supply could deplete entirely in this fight. If you're having a significant amount of trouble, you may want to do some more levelling.

More cutscenes. New area: Nalbina Dungeons!

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