FFVII - Walkthrough - 1.22 Forgotten Capital

Items in This Area
Magic Source, Aurora Armlet, Comet materia, Guard Source, Elixir, Enemy Skill materia, Wizard Brace

This area looks a lot like the floor of the sea; there's shells and coral everywhere. At the crossroads, take the left path. It leads to a stone building--inside of the building is a Save Point, and there's a chest on the upper ledge with a Magic Source inside it. There is a patch of glowing green light here that conveys the 'message of the Ancients', but I've never been able to do anything with it. Leave the building and continue past it, following the path east into the rock face. Inside, go down the stairs and head all the way right to find a chest with an Aurora Armlet in it. You can check out the blue crystal if you want, but there's nothing you can do with it at this point in the game. Return to the crossroads and take the middle path. Enter the shell building and climb the spiraling walkway to the very to to find a green materia lying on the ground (Comet). Go back to the crossroads yet again and take the right road. It leads to an area with several shell buildings. Go all the way to the right, then go north to enter the building before you. Climb all the way to the top level. There's a chest here containing a Guard Source.

There's nothing else to do in this area but enter the last shell house; your friends won't let you take the path leading out of the city, and the main path leads to another part of the chamber with the blue crystal, but there's nothing you can do there. So, if you're ready to proceed, enter the shell house to the right of the main path. On the ground floor is a chest holding an Elixir. Take it and climb up the ladder. When you approach the beds, you'll be given an option. You can choose the bottom option, grab the yellow materia behind the headboard of the third bed (Enemy Skill), exit the house, then enter it again, approach the beds, and choose the top option to go to sleep. Or, you can just pick the top option the first time around, go to sleep, and when you wake up in the night, grab the materia (it's easier to see at night, too). Originally, I though this was a 'bug' materia (don't I feel silly now), but it's not.

No matter what you decide to do, go to sleep when you're ready to. You'll wake up in the middle of the night. After Cloud's companions join him, return to the crossroads a final time and take the middle path again. When you enter the shell building, the fish floating in the middle of the spiraling passageway will have disappeared; there are blue steps in it's place. Go down them and you'll find yourself in an underwater palace. At the bottom of the stairs, leave the building and take note of the Save Point before going down both sets of stairs below.

Aeris is here, and you have to get to her by jumping across several pillars. Press in the direction of the next pillar to get proceed, but you'll have to use just Cloud; your allies will wait for you back on the ground. Once you get close to Aeris, Cloud has another spastic fit and will draw his sword. You can press the controller and the buttons to make Cloud do different things, but pressing O three times will make him try to strike Aeris. Luckily, he'll come to his senses beforehand with some help from his friends, but Sephiroth makes an appearance and attacks Aeris. After her death, Sephiroth escapes, leaving behind another monster in his wake.

LV 50 HP 10000 MP 300 Weak Against Earth
This boss is weak against earth attacks, so use Earth and Titan. Also, Comet, Bahamut, and Kjata all work very well. Physical attacks do a surprising amount of damage. The boss will cast Reflect on itself the first time you cast a spell on it, so be wary about using spells too often. Jenova*Life's attacks are not that strong (about 400-700 points), but it has an ultra-deadly blue bubble attack (Aqualung) that inflicts +1500 damage to each character. Be sure to have some Restore Materia handy. Considering it's the last boss on this disc, this is not a very hard battle. You'll get a Wizard Bracelet when you win the battle. Be sure to have a Enemy Skill materia equipped if you haven't gotten Aqualung already.

After beating the boss, there's another FMV sequence, then you're given the option to save your game. Guess what? You just finished Disc One!

Now before you go any farther, please realize something. Aeris is dead, and she stays that way for the rest of the game. You cannot revive her, restore her, or ever see her again (in the flesh, that is--you'll see her again when Bugenhagen and you return to the Forgotten Capital in Disc 2). So...wipe your eyes, keep an old save file if you want to play with her from time to time, or use a GameShark code (see section 8) to put her back in your party in a later disc. Ready to go? Pop in Disc 2 and keep playing!

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