FFVII - Walkthrough - 1.8 Into the Sky

Items in This Area
Sense materia, Battery x3, Ether

After fending off the boss, Tseng will kidnap Aeris (and p**p slap her)! As he escapes, the entire city explodes and falls down a level, destroying it. Cloud, Tifa, and Barret all come to in the playground at the Sector 6 Slums. After Barret yells for Marlene, Wedge, and his other friends, he and Tifa join you in the next area when you try to leave. Go back to get a sparkling yellow Materia (Sense), before returning to Wall Market. The man in the pottery store will now sell you Materia, and if you go back to the parlor, you have the option of freeing one of Don Corneo's men from the torture chamber. Even if you got the Member's Card the first time around, you can no longer enter the brothel, by the way.

When you're done, leave and go south from the playground. Return to the Sector 5 Slum and go to Aeris's house. Talk to Elmyra, her mother. You can spend the night in the upstairs bedroom once the intermission ends. Return to the Wall Market and go to the dead-end area near the parlor. (you'll see a bunch of kids run in there). Climb up the pipe, and you'll find yourself high above the town. If you haven't gotten them already, go to the 'Machine & Gun' store and talk to the man at the left end of the store; he'll sell you 3 Battery for 300 gil. You'll need them to activate the boxes in this part of the game. With that in mind, examine the box-shaped object in the lower right to try and start a nearby propeller. Head up, and you'll jump onto the propeller. From there, make your way to the other box and activate the painted barrier. Climb up it, and use the O button to jump onto the swinging metal pipe. Despite what Cloud says, jump when it is close to you (just as it stops squeaking). After that, climb up to the next screen.

Here, climb up, then drop down to activate the next box and you'll find an Ether. Climb down the lefthand pipe and make your way back up again. Instead of dropping down, continue up, and you'll find yourself at Shinra's headquarters.

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