FFVII - Equipment - Best Weapons

Best Weapons
Character Name Location
Cloud Apocalypse The last screen of the Ancient Forest
Ultima Weapon Defeat Ultima WEAPON over Cosmo Canyon
Tifa God's Hand Before the submarine part, defeat the boss, Carry Armor
Premium Heart Get the key to return back to Midgar, and on Wall Street, that mechanical thing that was 'broken' no longer fires at you, so you can pick up Tifa's ultimate weapon.
Barret Missing Score Midgar invasion, near where Vincent is standing (at the stairs). Note, Barett has to be in your team.
Red XIII Limited Moon Late in the game (After Diamond Weapon attacks Midgar), when Bugenhagen is about to pass away, he will give Red XIII his best weapon.
Aeris Princess Guard In the Temple of the Ancients, where the clock is, go to IIII.
Cid Javelin Inside of Gaea's Cliff. Near the location of Ribbon.
Scimitar Underwater Reactor, near submarine
Venus Gospel Go to the Rocket Town, quite late in the game, and keep speaking to an old man standing outside one of the houses. He'll give it to you, what a nice chap.
Yuffie Rising Sun Stolen from Diamond Weapon.
Conformer Sunken Gelnika, research room, upper left corner (hidden)
Cait Sith HP Shout During the invasion of Midgar, go to the Shinra Building. (Direction? In the tunnel, run all the way up to Sector 0, where it splits into a Y-junction. Head left to the little opening and climb in.) Go to the 64th floor, you will come to the gymnasium. Go to the locker room and search the last row of lockers. There are a lot of them, so search carefully.
Vincent Death Penalty Go to the cave at the crater lake beside Nibelheim. Bring Vincent with you. You will see Vincent's past in there. But remember to go in when you have the chance in Disc 2. Go back during Disc 3 with Vincent to get it.

All Characters' Weapons:

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