FFVII - Walkthrough - 1.20 Temple of the Ancients

Items in This Area
Trident, Mind Source, Silver Rifle, Turbo Ether x2, Rocket Punch, Luck Plus materia, Morph materia, Princess Guard, Ribbon, Trumpet Shell, Megalixir, Nail Bat, Work Gloves, Dragon Armlet, Bahamut materia, Gigas Armlet

At the top of the temple is a black creature, similar to the ones you met in Nibelheim. If you talk to it, it floats into the air in a flash of light. Inside the temple, you'll find the Turk, Tseng. He was badly wounded by Sephiroth. He gives you the Keystone so that you can go after his attacker; examine the dais in the center of the room and you'll be transported into the depths of the temple.

This area has a very confusing layout; it's a mass of stairs, walkways and passages. There are chests everywhere, and a kooky old man in a blue robe is also running around down here. From where you arrived, head up, then left, then up again and go down the stairs to the ground level. There's an opening just above you; go in it, turn to the right, then climb down the vines clinging to the wall beneath you. If you run underneath the long staircase nearby, you can reach a treasure chest that has a Trident inside of it. From there, head right, go down the stairs, then turn and climb up the wall using the vines. Head past the opening (which you can't enter at this point, anyway) and go up the stairs. The old man will dash away; ignore him for now and climb up the vines to reach a platform. There's a shiny pink item here (Mind Source). Take it and go down the stairs, then enter the door to your left to find a room with a treasure chest and the old man. Inside the chest is the Silver Rifle. Talk to the geezer twice and he'll offer his services to you:

- Purchase Items
- Restore HP and MP to maximum
- Save your game*
- Nothing

* Choose the top option to decline or the bottom option to accept and save your game.

Outside, go back up the stairs and down the vines, but this time, head down and to the left. You can pick up a green item here (Turbo Ether). Then go down the long stairway. At the bottom, climb down the smaller set of steps to your left, then work your way towards the southwest corner of the screen. There's a small patch of vines here that you can climb down. Be sure to open the nearby chest; there's a Rocket Punch inside of it. Now, go down the stairs and walk northeast along the path to find some more vines and the old man, who scampers away when you get too close. Climb up the vines, then go up the stairs next to you, go through the archway, turn east and go down the stairs, and climb up the long stretch of vines on the nearby wall. Head left, underneath the staircase, and you can nab a purple materia (Luck Plus).

Now, go back the way you came (go right, down the vines, up the stairs and down and out through the archway so that you're back on the path that the old man was standing on, just above the vines). Walk to the east until the path stops, then head south and turn east again to enter the nearby door. As you enter, the old man will dash away. There are huge hollow boulders that are rolling down this walkway. To get past them, time your dashes so that the hollow part will be directly over you, causing Cloud to kneel as the boulder rolls over you. Then keep going until you reach a side path that leads to a pool of water. Grab the Morph materia near the pool, then continue along the walkway, avoiding the boulders. Once you reach the end of the path, they'll disappear for good, but remember that if you get hit by a boulder, you'll be dragged all the way back to the beginning of the path (ouch!) Alternately, you can wait until the boulders disappear and then go back and pick up the materia after the sequence with Sephiroth.

Once the boulders are gone, Aeris will sense a powerful prescence in the chamber and return to the pool. Light will erupt from the surface of the pool, and you'll be able to see what I presume is a flashback of Tseng and Elena (both Turks) running around in the shrine. After Elena leaves, Sephiroth shows up and creates a double of himself. While he busies himself with attacking Tseng, the laughing double flies up into the air. After this sequence is over, Sephiroth's double will descend into the pool and then fly away. When you return to the end of the passage, the old geezer will be waiting for you, and will once again offer his help:

- Restore HP and MP to maximum
- Save your game
- Nothing

When you're ready, go down the stairs. There's a huge room here with twelve doors labeled I to XII. In the center of the room is the ever- annoying talking clock. In the Japanese version of FF7, this puzzle was very tricky and I had a whole section written on it. But in the US version, it's a simple matter of moving the clock hands around; so I won't bother with it. There are twelve passages (labeled I to XII), and you get to explore them by setting the clock to various positions. Here's a list of what's in each passage:

I: When you open up the chest, you'll be attacked by monsters. You won't get anything for beating them, either.

LV 24 HP 80 MP 80 Weak Against Poison
Toxic Frog (x2)
LV 26 HP 500 MP 100 Weak Against Ice
The Poison Frogs are weak against Ice, so use cold-based attacks/spells on them. Their attacks will turn you into a frog, but they attack so often that it's better for you to wait until they hit you again (turning you back into a human) instead of wasting a Maiden's Kiss or other restorative item. The woman (Gemini Sumi) is weak against Poison, so use one of the Bio spells on her for good results. The only point in fighting this battle is if you want to learn Frog Song from the frogs (providing you have a Enemy Skill materia equipped).

II: This passage is blocked off by rocks. You can't do anything here, so return and pick another path.

III: A treasure chest. It contains monsters, too. You won't get anything for defeating them.

8 Eyes (x2)
LV 30 HP 500 MP 220 Weak Against Poison
Both of these red, multi-eyed monsters are weak against Poison, so use the best Bio spell you've got, or simply attack to dispatch them. If you've got Morph equipped, you can morph both of them into Magic Source items, which is really the only point in fighting this battle. Although weak, either enemy can drain _lots_ of HP from you (around 1200-1400 points!)

IIII: Shouldn't this be IV? Anyway, there's a chest here, and Aeris's Ultimate Weapon, the Princess Guard is inside.

V: This passage leads outside to the gold chest you could see but not normally reach. Inside it is a Ribbon.

VI: Read below to find out what to do here.

VII: There's a chest here. A weapon for Cait Sith, the Trumpet Shell, is inside it.

VIII: You can get a Megalixir from the chest in this room.

IX: A passage blocked by fallen rock.

X: This is where you came in, bud!

XI: Yet another blocked passage.

XII: What a creepy room! You'll be seeing more of it soon enough.

At some point, you should stand on the hour or minute hand and let the second hand approach. When it passes over you, it will knock you down into the pit below. When you land, you'll find yourself in a room with a treasure chest. Before you can open it, you'll be ambushed by two monsters.

Ancient Dragon (x2)
LV 34 HP 2400 MP 450 Weak Against Gravity
Using Demi or some Summon Materia will kill these dragons quickly. Even physical attacks work well. Either enemy can only attack for about 500 points of damage, or use a Southern Cross attack that hits one enemy for the same amount of damage, so they don't pose too serious a threat. You can also control them, even though they're bosses. You'll win an Turbo Ether for defeating both of them.

In the chest is the Nail Bat, the strongest weapon Cloud can get during Disc 1. Take it and leave the room. You'll find yourself back at the door you couldn't enter earlier (in the area with the vines and staircases. Simply work your way back to the talking clock, and pick up any items you might have missed the first time around.

Before going down this passage, make sure you've cleared out the other rooms since you won't be able to go back to them after the next event. When you step out into the open, the bouncing old man will see you and run away. When Aeris asks you a question, pick the bottom answer if you want to return and explore more of the clock puzzle room, or choose the top answer if you want to hunt down the old man. To find him, simply go through the passages; you want to end up going into a passage that he plans to come out of. You can go down to another set of passages by going to the left end of each ledge and pressing the O button to jump down a level. You can catch him without too much difficulty. Don't forget to take the chest lying on the lowest level; there's a pair of Work Gloves inside. As usual, beat the old man at his own game and he'll help you in return:

- Restore HP and MP to maximum
- Save your game
- Nothing

Now that you've caught the old man, the large door on the top level will open. Go inside and head to the right. You'll encounter Sephiroth four times. Up to his usual evil, Sephiroth talks about the energy within the temple as he as swings his sword around, his every motion trailed by the double that he made earlier. After disappearing, Cloud will suffer from some sort of fit. Once he comes to his senses, the party examines a mural on the wall which shows a meteorite speeding towards the people of the earth. Aeris talks about the spell 'Meteo' which Sephiroth is planning to cast, when the party hears Sephiroth's voice. The temple starts to shake, and a large red dragon appears and attacks the allies.

Red Dragon
LV 39 HP 6800 MP 300 Weak Against
Slow the dragon and Haste yourself to gain the upper hand. Some Summon Materia will also even the odds, but don't use Kjata since it will heal the boss by about 2100 points. Also, Demi won't work against it. Limit Breaks and physical attacks should do the trick. You'll win a Dragon Armlet should you win the battle.

Pick up the summon materia that's left behind (Bahamut). Then go back and examine the floating gold object on the dais. It's actually the Black Materia. You have the option of touching the Black Materia, it doesn't matter which answer you choose. At this point, if Cait Sith isn't in your party, you'll here a ringing sound and Cloud will answer the PHS phone. Cait will talk to him through the phone. If he is in your party, then he starts hopping around and talking to you. When he finishes, leave this chamber, let the old man heal you if you need it, then go back to the clock room. The only direction you can go in is straight up to passage XII. When you examine the door in the room beyond, yet another boss appears to finish you off.

Demon's Gate
LV 45 HP 10000 MP 400 Weak Against
The bad news is that the boss can hit for lots of damage. The good news is that most of his attacks (especially the Cave-in and Demon Rush attacks) quickly max out your Limit bars. Now's a good time to try out the Bahamut materia, but most other Summon materia don't do much damage. Make good use of Aeris's B1/1 and Cloud's B2/2, and you'll want to Barrier and Haste yourselves. Luckily, this boss can't instantly kill you as a similar boss in FF2 could. You'll win a Gigas Armlet from this boss if you're victorious. It's been said that you can kill him using Life or a Phoenix Down...is this true?

Once the boss is defeated, Cait Sith will have an animated conversation with your party. If he's not in your group, then he bursts out of the door and starts talking. He'll then return to the chamber where the Black Materia was and take it. Afterwards, the entire temple is destroyed. In the following scene, Cloud and Aeris go down into the foundation of the temple and retrieve the Black Materia, but Sephiroth shows up and forces Cloud to give the Materia to him. During this time, you control a ghostly image of Cloud as a child. If you stand in Cloud's path and keep talking to him, you'll prevent him from approaching Sephiroth, but there's no point in doing this since Cloud will continue to advance until you give up. After Cloud gives Sephiroth the Black Materia, he will attack Aeris (and you can't do anything about that, either). Cait Sith will show up (actually Cait Sith 2--the same person, but with a new robot body since the first one got trashed when the temple was destroyed. He sure got there fast, huh?) Then your other party member will leap down and prevent Cloud from killing Aeris.

After what I take to be a dream sequence, you'll awake in, of all places, the inn at Gongaga Town, with Barret and Tifa by your side. Answer Barret's question any way you like, then go outside. Tifa and Barret will join your party, but you don't have to keep them as permanent members. Look for the Tiny Bronco on the southern shore near Gongaga Town.

Also, Aeris has left your party for good. You'll also lose any equipment or materia she had equipped, apparently. Now, you need to go to the forest that you saw in Cloud's dream. First, get in the Tiny Bronco.

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