FFVII - Walkthrough - 1.10 Escape!

Items in This Area
Star Pendant

Use the controller to move any any direction. Pressing S makes you slash to the left, and pressing O makes you slash to the right. The object here is to protect your friends in the truck from enemy cyclists. Eventually, you'll reach a dead end and fight the boss. The amount of life you start off with during the battle depends on how much life you and your friends lost during the high-speed escape. If a character lost all his life, he begins with only 1 point when the battle starts, but since the boss gets to make the first attack, they'll have to be revived using Phoenix Downs if there are any party members who survived. The boss is a spiked, armored robot with six wheels.

Motor Ball
LV 19 HP 2600 MP 120 Weak Against Lightning
This boss gets a free attack from behind...sheesh. Most of his attacks do little damage, but his Firethrower and flying fire sweep attacks can kill your party in a single blast (the fire sweep does around 220 damage)! The best way to beat this group is have your party consist of Aeris and Barret. Give the All and Restore materia to either Cloud or Barret, and give the other character Lightning. This way, you can heal with one character, attack with another, and then use Aeris' Limit Break to keep your life up at all times. Ice works better than Fire against the boss (for those characters that don't have Lightning equipped). Remember, your rows are reversed when attacked from behind, so put Cloud and Barret in the back and Aeris in the front if you want them to line up properly when the boss shows up (assuming that's who you use...I found that they worked the best). If you beat the boss, you'll get a Star Pendant.

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