FFVII - Walkthrough - 1.9 Shinra Headquarters

Items in This Area
Elixir, Elemental materia, Star Pendant, Four Slots, All materia, Phoenix Down, Ether, Poison materia, Grenade x1~3, Talisman, Enemy Skill materia, Potion x4, Mythril Armlet, Protect Vest, Guard Source.

There's a Save Point here. You have the option of either heading to the left and climbing up a stairwell (sneaking in) or barging in through the front door ('kick some Shinra butt!', as Barret would say).

Going up the stairs takes forever, but it's free of enemies and you can get an Elixir that's lying on one of the landings. On the other hand, going through the front door and taking the elevators in the back is faster, but you have to fight several battles along the way. Not only that, but you can chase around the Shinra staff before taking the elevator :) (or at least, you could in the Japanese version. They all ran away....) You can't use the circular lifts by the doors yet, but you can use them once you reach the 60th floor. If you go up the stairs, you'll see a door marked 'Accessories'. Inside the room, you can look at a monitor to see a short FMV sequence about Shinra's products (this is the 2nd most overlooked FMV in the game). There are two chests here, but the lady won't let you open them. She will sell you items, though. Remember, if you go through the front, check the control panel in the elevator (the one that goes haywire) after each enemy encounter in order to continue upwards. If you go up the stairs then change your mind and go back down, you won't have to fight anybody on the elevators, and the main area of the ground floor will be empty (an easy trick for not having to fight anyone :)). I advise that no matter which method you use, be sure to get the Elixir on the staircase.

No matter what method you use, you'll eventually reach the 59th floor. Head southeast and kill the armored guards to get the Keycard 60, then take the lift to the 60th floor. Here, you'll have to head to the room in the upper-left and make it to the other side without being seen by the patrolling guards. In order to stay hidden from them, pause behind the gold statues, then lead Tifa and Barret across using the O button. If you mess up, not only to you get attacked (ambush-style combat), but you'll have to start all over again. However, after a while (if you mess up enough times), the guards won't reappear and you can just run to the end of the hallway. Keep in mind that the set of guards on the right half of the screen move faster than the ones on the left.

Take the stairway up to the 61st floor. Talk to everyone here. A man who asks you about Aeris will give you the Keycard 62 if you answer "......". On floor 62, talk to the man in the room, Domino, and the man in white, (Hart) then check out the two library rooms. Answer Domino's question and he'll give you the Keycard 65. The problem with this is that the answer changes with each game you play. It seems like it would be easy enough to simply try each answer until you get it right, but you get an Elemental Materia for free if you answer correctly the first time. So, it's in your best interest to just reset and keep trying in order to get the materia. Hart will help you out if you need it, but he'll want you to pay him first. To get the answer, simply look for the misplaced file, and note the number of the file. Count forward that many letters, and write down that letter. After getting all four letters in this way, try to rearrange them into one of the words that Domino suggests is an answer. He gives you varying items depending on how many tries it takes you (you'll get lesser items if you mess up each time).

The 63rd floor is tricky. You have to collect 3 Coupons from all three rooms, but you're only able to open 3 doors at a time. You can reset the doors by investigating the computer in the right-hand room, but that also resets the location of the Coupons. You can move around using walkways in the ducts; to enter them you have to climb into the black, box-shaped structures (there's one in the computer room). You can't do that unless you have at least one of the three items.

To get the items, follow this procedure: activate the computer, then head to the top-right corner of the screen and open the gate farthest to the right. Head left and open the left-hand gate, then walk left and go south to enter the room where A Coupon is. Choose the top option to climb into the black box and use the walkway to get to the room where B Coupon is. Finally, go through the door in this room and open the door to the left, then go north to enter the room containing C Coupon. Then use the walkway to return to the computer room.

Now if you want, you can just trade one of the Coupons for an item, but if you have all three then you'll get all three items. The trade setup works like this (choose 'Coupon Change'):

- Trade Coupon A for the Star Pendant accessory
- Trade Coupon B for the Four Slots bracelet
- Trade Coupon C for the All materia

To get your items (depending on how many coupons you have) go to the computer and choose the bottom option, then the top. Keep in mind that you can only do this once.

On the 64th floor, you'll find a Save Point and bedroom to your left. You can use the machines in the exercise room, or spend 250 gil trying to get a health drink. Yeah, perhaps it seems stupid to waste your gil when you don't get anything now, but if you come back later.... If you examine the lockers in the back room, you can find a Phoenix Down, an Ether, and a M-phone (HP Shout), but you can only take the first two items for now. Head to the 65th floor.

Here, you have to open a treasure chest, then examine a broken section of the model in the circular room and choose the top option to repair it. This unlocks one of the other chests, allowing you to open it and use the part inside to repair another section of the model. When you have finished, you'll get the Keycard 66 from the final chest. You must fix the model in a counter-clockwise fashion starting from the bottom. The order of the chests you open goes like this:

- Upper-left room: bottom chest
- Upper-left room: top chest
- Lower-left room: left chest
- Lower-left room: top chest
- Upper-right room: chest
- Middle-right room: get the Keycard 66 from here when you're done.

On the 66th floor, you can either run into the meeting hall as quickly as you can (if you took the elevator...it's a glitch, and was possible in the Japanese version, at least :)), or you can enter the stall in the bathroom located in the northwest corner of the floor. Choose the middle option, and you'll climb on top of the toilet and enter an air duct. Move forward to see what the Shinra members (Reeve, Palmer, President Shinra, Heidegger, Hojo, and Scarlet) are discussing.

Climb back out, then climb up the stairwell after Hojo (the pony-tailed scientist) in the room to the right of the meeting hall. Note that you'll end up in the air duct even if you ran into the hall...heh, heh. On the next floor (67), talk to the people and keep following the scientist. After looking in the purple chamber (and after Cloud gets another headache), move beyond the crates and to the right to find a Save Point and a treasure chest with a Poison Materia inside.

Enter the elevator to the north, and then watch as the scientist toys with Aeris. Now, choose who you want to protect Aeris, (either Barret or Tifa), and then you can name the lion-like creature (Red 13) that was attacking Hojo. He'll fight alongside you when the mutant boss shows up. Don't forget that Red 13 comes equipped with his own Materia!

Sample HO512
LV 19 HP 1000 MP 120 Weak Against
Sample HO512-OPT
LV 7 HP 300 MP 48 Weak Against
Don't try to kill this guy's little guardians; he'll only create more. Instead, use Bolt or Fire on him and try Restore to keep up your own life power. Avoid using physical attacks, Ice, or Poison. This means that Red 13 is better off using Fire against the boss than attacking. This battle is easier if you have Barret, who can inflict more damage. Don't worry about getting poisoned since you can get infected again when the boss uses the pink gas attack on your characters (there's no point in trying to de-poison yourselves). You'll get a Talisman should you kill the boss, and Grenades depending on the OPTs that you killed.

Tifa or Barret return after the battle (depending on who you chose). You'll be asked to make a new party (but you can keep the old one you had before, if you wish). When you're in control of Cloud again, be sure to grab the yellow materia (Enemy Skill) that's left behind in the sample chamber. Then go up the ladder and head south. Talk to the man in the gray coat to get the Keycard 68. Go back down to floor 66 and try entering one of the lifts; you'll get caught by Rude (he's a Turk who you'll be running into constantly throughout the game). He and Tseng will 'escort' you to a meeting with the president of Shinra. Afterwards, you'll end up in the jail cells on floor 67. Here, listen to everyone, then go to sleep.

The next morning, you'll find that your door is unlocked. Investigate the guard, then talk to Tifa. Check the guard again to unlock the doors, then look in on Barret and Red 13. After freeing your companions, return to the lab and talk to Red 13. Talk to him again after taking the elevator up to the 68th floor, then use the incline to reach the walkway again. Go all the way along it until you find two purple Potions, then climb back down and enter the door from the ground floor. The green bars of light won't hurt you; run through them and pick up two more Potions before climbing up the stairs to the 69th floor.

Go out the center door to reach a Save Point. Then, run up either of the purple stairs. Check out the dead Shinra president, capture Palmer, then go through the door to the north to exit the room. Outside, talk to the man in white. He's Rufus, son of the Shinra president.

The other characters will return to the floor below, and you must lead them outside (you can also choose to unequip Aeris' and Cloud's materia in case you want to juggle them around for the upcoming battles). Your team now consists of Red 13, Barret, and Aeris; don't forget to reequip your Materia (it seems as if the top option removes it....) Head to the lift (by taking the lower door). When you activate it, you are attacked by a huge gun-wielding machine while going down the side of the Shinra building.

Hundred Gunner
LV 18 HP 1600 MP 0 Weak Against Lightning
Limit Break as well as magic to harm this foe. Poison-based magic inflicts no damage, while Bolt does the most damage. Red 13 is a sitting duck if he doesn't have any spell Materia equipped, so be sure to deck him out with some magic spells (he can still use his Limit Break). When you inflict enough damage, the boss starts to break down. After the second collapse, he starts firing heat blasts that damage all members, so be careful.

After killing the boss, you must fight a flying machine.

Heli Gunner
LV 19 HP 1000 MP 0 Weak Against Lightning
As with the other boss, don't use Bio but do use Bolt. You may be weak after the last battle, so make use of Potions, the Restore Materia, and Aeris' B1/1 Break (Healing Wind) to restore lost life. You'll win a Mythril Armlet when the boss dies.

The scene switches back to Cloud. Heal yourself if necessary, equip Materia, then press Start. Rufus will then attack you. Feel free to adjust his equipment/Materia if need be before the battle.

LV 21 HP 500 MP 0 Weak Against
Dark Nation
LV 18 HP 140 MP 80 Weak Against
Kill the panther guardian first, then go after the boss. Although you can't do anything about the panther casting Barrier on Rufus, you can use magic instead to inflict damage. He can only hurt you with his shotgun, so don't worry about healing yourself after each round (just heal yourself when your life gets lower). Sock him with your Limit Breaks and he'll escape onto the circling helicopter after you've damaged him enough. Cloud will get a Protect Vest and a Guard Source when the battle ends.

Leave the rooftop and head back to where Tifa is waiting for you. As Aeris, try to approach the front doors. After a short conversation, you and the gang will escape by motorcycle (and truck). Your team is now made up of Cloud, Tifa, and Barret.

An option screen appears where you have the following options:

S Left Attack
X Switch members
O Right Attack
T Main Menu
Start    Return to game

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