FFVII - Walkthrough - 1.13 Shinra Cargo Ship

Items in This Area
Ether, All materia, Wind Slash, White Cape

Open the treasure chest to get an Ether, and be sure to pick up the blue materia (All). If Yuffie's in your party, she'll be blocking the way to the materia, but you can always get it later. Speaking of, if you're trying to befriend Yuffie for the 'date' sequence later, make sure you have a Tranquilizer to give her. Talk to the people here, then go up on the deck and talk to everyone else; you'll notice that some of them are your companions (don't miss Red 13 :)). The man in white will sell you items if you talk to him, or 'Invisible Alpha', a instant-use drink that restores your HP and MP. Once you're done talking to your pals, go back down and talk to Aeris, then return to the deck and go all the way to the left; one of the guards has left, allowing you to sneak to the front of the ship.

Here, talk to Barret, who is spying on the Shinra members. After talking to him a couple of times, an alarm will sound. Go back to the center of the boat to find your friends. Then, assemble your party. If you want to change the setup, talk to your friends again. When you're ready, go downstairs and head through the door that the one guard was standing in front of. In the next room, watch out for enemies and climb up the ladder, the walkway leads to a chest with a Wind Slash inside. Did you get all the items on the boat? When you're ready, go and talk to the captain of the guards. It turns out that he's dead. Then, Sephiroth shows up, and summons a huge monster for you to fight before he flies away.

LV 25 HP 4000 MP 110 Weak Against
Earth, Fire, and Cold magic work well against it, but don't use Poison. Attack with your Summon Materia and hit it with everything you've got. Keeping your HP up is a priority, since it can use lasers to attack one or all members. Only use physical attacks if you are running low on MP. The boss can cast 'Stop' on a single ally so make sure that you're not too dependent on any one character during the battle. Some Phoenix Tails will also come in handy, since the boss sometimes uses a laser that hits all allies (Terror Laser) twice in a row (which can inflict loads of damage). You'll get a White Cape when the battle is over.

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