FFVII - Walkthrough - 1.5 Sector 5 Slums

Items in This Area
5 gil or Turbo Ether, Potion, Phoenix Down, Cover materia, Ether

After the battle, the boss will explode, sending Cloud off the walkway in the ensuing blast. When you awake, you'll find yourself in a church. Aeris is here, and you can name her after talking to her several times. Reno shows up afterwards with some guards. In the next room, Aeris falls down while trying to escape with Cloud. Tell her to hold on. You now have the option of fighting the guards using Aeris or trying to bean the guards on the head with barrels on the upper floor (if you miss, you'll have to fight using Aeris anyway). Remember, she starts off in the back row, so to increase damage, make her move up by choosing 'Change' at the start of each battle (do this by pressing left, then the O button).

The correct order of barrels to drop is: the leftmost barrel (in the back), the far right barrel (in the back), and the far right barrel (in the front). Simply tell Aeris to hold on each time, examine each barrel, and choose the top option to drop it. This way, Aeris won't have to fight anybody. When Aeris meets you at the top of the chapel, she'll hook up with Cloud.

In the upper area, climb up the second beam on the left and jump out of the hole in the roof. After you and Aeris make it back to ground level, head left to find a Save Point. To the northwest is a town. Be sure to meet the man in the pipe near the entrance. In one of the houses, you can also find 5 gil if you talk to the drunk man in bed, then examine the drawers nearby, however, if you don't take the gil, he'll give you a Turbo Ether when you return here after Sector 7 is destroyed.

There are several stores here in the slums, including one that sells Materia. To the far, far right is a path that leads to Aeris's house and a garden. You can spend the night here once you've met Elmyra, Aeris' mother. When you wake up, look between the desk and the bed for a Potion and a Phoenix Down. Then, sneak downstairs (or Aeris will make you go back to bed) and leave the house (you can do this by not touching the walls and not running, either). In the lower flower bed to the right, you can get a Cover materia and an Ether. There's another Save Point near Aeris' house if you need to use it.

Leave the town and go left to the hole in the wall. Aeris will be here waiting for you and will rejoin you. In the next location, work your way upward (by going across the hole-filled metal length, then down the iron beams and through the passage, then up the brown pipe and finally down the stairs and heading to the left). After Aeris leaves you at the playground, head east, then go north to arrive at the Wall Market.

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