FFVII - Walkthrough - 1.2 Midgar City

Items in This Area

After the Avalanche members blow up the passage, head up the stairs. You'll meet Aeris here, but she won't join you yet. In the next screen, there's a Potion to the southwest of the circular structure (near the lampposts). Walk south when you're done. In this next area, you'll meet up with guards and have the choice of running (bottom choice) or fighting (top choice). After a few more encounters with the Shinra guards, Cloud'll jump onto the passing train and run into the Avalanche gang. After talking to them, walk to the 'front' of the screen and you'll jump off into another area. Talk to the people here and one of the members (Jessie) will show you a picture of the Makoro plant on the train's screen. Approach Barret and you'll end up going to the group's base.

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