FFVII - Walkthrough - 1.17 Return of Sephiroth

Items in This Area
Luck Source x2, Elixir x2, Platinum Fist, Turbo Ether, Silver M-phone, Twin Viper, Enemy Launcher, Magic Source, Destruct materia, Rune Blade, Platinum Barrette, Powersoul, All Materia, Elemental Materia, Sniper CR, Jem Ring, Counter Attack materiaIf you open up the safe in the mansion, you can get the Cosmo Memory manual and the Odin materia, not to mention a Key Item (Key to Basement).You can also get 1 gil by playing the 'Highwind' theme on the piano. In Disc 2, you can get an 'Elemental Materia' and the 'Final Heaven' manual (refer to section 8 for details).

Get in the buggy and continue past Cosmo Canyon. Head north to find a river with a shallow ford you can cross. Past it, the mountains are of a different type than what you usually see. Near them is a small town, Nibelheim. Look familiar? It's the same one Sephiroth and Cloud went to in Cloud's flashback.

First, go into the inn. Talk to the black creature in the back to get a Luck Source. You can get an Elixir from another one of the creatures in the Item Shop, and a second Luck Source if you talk to the small creatures in the upper floor of the southeastern house. The large house to the east is Tifa's home, and you'll be given a Platinum Fist and an Turbo Ether if you talk to the creatures here. There's a piano in Tifa's room that you can fool around with, too (see section 8 for details).

This next section is optional--you can just continue on through the mountains if you want. However, Sephiroth won't show up in the mansion after you reach Disc 2, meaning you can't nab the Destruct materia unless you get it from him during the first disc (read below for details).

Now, go into the large mansion at the edge of town. Left of the entrance is a piece of paper written by a Shinra worker. It has several hints on it that clue you in to the combination of the safe on the upper floor. Here's where to find the safe numbers:

- Search the other end of the broken piano in the west wing.
- Open the chest in the greenhouse, then examine it again.
- Search the hallway in the east wing, north from the bedroom.
- Read the piece of paper and put the cursor on the blank space at the bottom.

Head right and look for the sliver of light near the stairway, it's very hard to see. It's an opening that leads to the lower section of another room. There's a chest here, with a Silver M-phone inside. Go back out and go into the northern door beneath the staircase. In the adjoining hall, head right and and up to find a chest with a Twin Viper in it. To the left is a room with a broken piano (which you could have also reached by looking for the opening near the left 9staircase in the main room).

Go up the stairs and head left. In the circular room is a chest that has an Enemy Launcher inside. There's nothing in the northern room except for a locked safe--you'll need the right combination in order to open it (see section if you don't know how). If you want to try your luck, examine it with the O button and choose the top option to enter the combination or the bottom option to quit.

Open the safe (or not), then go right and into the right wing of the manor house. If you go up, you'll find a chest with a Magic Source inside. Then go into the lower room and examine the curved wall to open a secret passage. Go down the spiraling walkway, and then head right. If you got the gold key from the safe, you can open the northern door (refer to section 14 for details). Continue to the right to find a library. Then go north and you'll run into none other than Sephiroth, who will pelt you with a green materia before flying away. Be sure to get the materia (Destruct) before leaving the mansion.

Once you're back outside, leave Nibelheim from the northern entrance and continue along until you see a passage leading into the mountains. In the next area, follow the path until it splits, and take the north path, which wraps around the back of a spire and leads to a chest with a Rune Blade inside of it. Now go back and follow the original path. You'll notice that just before the bridge, there's a path that curves away to the north. Follow it up into the mountains and when it curves south, take that path instead of continuing in the same direction. The path curves several times, but eventually you'll make it to the top of the mountain, where you can find a chest with a Plus Barrette. It may help if you press SELECT so that you can see yourself when a mountain is blocking your view, and if you can't seem to get any further, press in other directions (like down) to scale the back of the mountain.

Go back down to the main path and head up the bridge. Inside the cavern, take the ladder down instead of the tubes, or you won't be able to get all the treasure in this area unless you climb back up and unfold the ladders from the bottom (is this possible in the US version? It wasn't in the Japanese one). You don't have to worry about the large boss near the door just yet. Feel free to make use of the Save Point, then climb back to the top of the area. Enter the pipe labeled '2' to end up on a rocky ledge. There's an item bag here with a Powersoul inside; get it and then press down to jump down to a lower ledge, then press down again to reach the floor. Climb back up one last time and go into the pipe labled '4' in order to reach the treasure chest on the bottom ledge below; there's an All materia lying within. Walk against the right edge of the ledge to drop down to the floor. Notice that the treasure chest is repeatedly opening and closing? It's just a glitch, one that (surprisingly) wasn't in the Japanese version.

See the path heading south, just below the path that the boss is blocking? Follow it to go outside, then try to keep walking and you'll drop down to the lower ledge. Following the path here leads to a dead end, so enter the cave instead and take the righthand path once you're inside. Ignore the exit at the other end of the cave and work your way southwest, then go through the small hole. Walk up, then left, then down in order to reach the treasure chest you could see when you first came in here. Inside it is an Elixir. Now go through the exit to arrive at a wooded area. On the ground, to the left of the mass of crystallized Materia is an Elemental materia. Take it and proceed north, going through the opening to go back into the caves.

Inside, head to the right, then go up as far as you can and walk left past the stone walls to reach a chest containing a Sniper CR. Then go back and take the rightmost passage. It goes south and leads you back to the outside. From here, head left (going right leads you to a dead end). You'll eventually end up at the Jenova Plant you visited in Cloud's flashback. There's nothing to do inside the plant, so continue beyond it to the door set in the rock wall. Enter it and you'll end up back in the chamber with the pipes again.

It's true that you could have taken the door and done this entire sequence in reverse, but then you couldn't have scaled the ledge and you would have to go all the way back, instead of taking the express route like you just did :) Now climb down and examine the boss, and it will attack you.

Materia Keeper
LV 38 HP 8400 MP 300 Weak Against
Don't use Fire-related attacks; it'll only heal him. Red 13's Limit Break B1/1 works well, as does Cloud's B2/1 Limit Break. I'd also suggest using the 'Choco/Mog' materia as much as you can--it's ability to stun this boss is very useful. Physical attacks should do the trick if you have good weapons; save your MPs for healing yourselves. Cure2 combined with the All Materia are a good combination (remember to link them when selecting holders) if you want to stay alive, since the boss can inflict 300-800 points of damage with its stabbing/mauling attacks. Also, he can heal himself (around 1000 hp's worth), and use the damaging Trine skill, which causes about 500 points of damage to all those still alive. If Red's learned his B1/2 break or someone knows Haste, it would be a wise idea to use it at the start of the round. Since the Materia Keeper is one of the few enemies that can use Trine, it comes highly recommended that you have a Enemy Skill materia equipped so that you can learn this enemy technique. You'll get a Jem Ring should you be victorious.

After the battle is over, examine the purple materia that is left behind in order to take it (Counter). Then follow the path outside--it leads back to the World Map.

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