FFVII - Walkthrough - 1.12 Mythril Mines & Junon

Items in This Area
Ether, Tent, Long Range materia, Mind Source x2, Elixir, Power Wrist, Shiva materia, Grenade or Potion x6 or Ether x6, Enemy Skill materia, 1/35 soldier x2, Luck Source, Power Source, Guard Source, Speed Plus Source, Silver Glasses or HP Plus or Force Stealer.

Inside the Mythril Mine, head northeast to find a green Ether on the stone steps. In the chest is a Tent, so be sure to grab it. If you try climbing up the brown vine on the western rock face, you'll find a purple materia (Long Range). Climb back down, return to the first area, then head left. Make your way southeast to find a chest with a Mind Source inside, then head west to reach the next area.

Here, you'll run into some of the Turks again: Rude, Elena, and Tseng. Once they leave, walk north. There's a chest with a Elixir inside it and a Hi-Potion just to the north of the chest. Return to the area where you met the Turks, climb up the vine, and go through the door to exit the mine and return to the World Map. From now on, you can meet Yuffie in the forests and have her join you (refer to section 8 for details).

Nearby is a rocky outcropping with a huge bird statue atop it, the Condor Fort. Enter it and choose the second option when talking to the man out front. After climbing up the rope, you'll find yourself in a town built into the rock itself. There is a Save Point, item shop, bedroom (you can sleep for free), and Materia shop here. Talk to everyone. There's also a mini-battle you can fight here. When you're done, leave and go northwest through the forest to Junon Town by the shore. For information on fighting the battles in the mini-game, refer to section 7.6 (Having Fun).

Once you arrive at Junon, talk to the villagers, then go down the stairs to the shore. Here, a young girl named Priscilla is playing with a dolphin. Out of nowhere, a big flying boss shows up and attacks her, then your party.

LV 23 HP 2500 MP 100 Weak Against Wind
LV 5 HP 40 MP 0 Weak Against
There's not much to worry about; just attack with Lightning or Poison- based spells and keep your life up. Since this guy's flying, some characters can't attack him (like Tifa), while some can (Barret). Find out which guys should be casting magic and which should be attacking early on in the battle. On the other hand, if you have a Long Range Attack materia handy, equip it, since that will let you attack the boss. Sometimes, the boss puts an HP-reducing bubble around a character. It only disappears if you cast a magic spell upon it (this won't hurt the 'bubbled' person). If you have the Affect All materia, you can use this to cast a spell on the bubbled person and the boss at the same time. Before dying, the boss will attack with Big Wave, (he can do this normally, but always does one before he disappears) so watch out and make sure your HP is high enough to withstand an attack. You'll receive a Power Wrist when the battle is over.

After killing the boss, you'll have to revive Priscilla. To do this, watch the lung-shaped meter that appears in the upper right. Press the S button once to make the meter start to raise. Just as it reaches the top, press S again to make Cloud breathe into the girl's mouth. It will take a couple of tries, but don't sweat it; she can't die. Afterwards, go to the house near the entrance to town and talk to the old lady standing there. Decide to stay the night.

That evening, Cloud will have another bad dream. In the morning, leave and go to the house above the stairs (your friends will have gathered near it). Priscilla will give you the Shiva materia, a gift for saving her life. Follow her to the shore, then talk to her a second time. Barret will show up and the girl will keep talking; when you have the chance, choose the middle option. Your goal in this part of the game is to leap atop the iron beam above the electrical tower so that you can sneak into the heart of Junon Town. Your controls are:

X Swim faster
S    Makes the dolphin flip you into the air

If you get to close to the electric blasts traveling along the tower, you'll get shocked and will have to try again (just pick the second option). The easiest way to get up there is to simply not move and press S. The dolphin will miss and deposit you near the bottom of the screen. However, you'll be perfectly positioned, so if you press S again, Cloud will land on the beam. Once you're on it, head to the left to get a good view of the flying airship 'Highwind'. Make your way south (towards the 'front' of the screen) to continue once you've climbed up the ladder.

The next area has a higher and lower level. If you investigate the box- like switch, you'll be taken to the lower level. From there, head south to find a building. Can't find it? Well, there is a projecting roof nearby which has a door underneath it; just press against the edge and you'll enter a hallway filled with soldiers. In the halls, go up to find a locker room. Check out the half-open locker and choose to dress up as a guard. When the other soldiers enter and start singing, talk to the captain again and tell him you understand (or tell him no if you want to watch a little more), when you're ready to leave.

Outside, take note of the Save Point before going through the lower exit. After the FMV sequence, follow the guards into the first alleyway. You'll come across a group of marching soldiers. The head guard will want you to join in and march with them perfectly, but it may take a couple of attempts before this event will end if you mess up badly. You also have to move your gun in time with the soldiers by pressing and releasing the O button. Depending on how high or low the TV counter was during this scene (the one in the lower right-hand corner), you will get the following:

1% - 21% = Grenade Item
22% - 39% = Potion x6 Item
39% - 50% = Ether x6 Item
51% - 99% = 5000 gil Currency

(note that this chart isn't 100% exact...feel free to send corrections!)

Afterwards, you'll have to stand at attention while Rufus and Heidegger talk to each other...press in any direction and the captain of the guard will tell you to get back in line. After the rest of the soldiers leave, the captain will give you an option; choose either option and you'll return to the locker room for some training on the next event. There, you can try to follow the captain's orders, if you wish. When he asks you a question, choose the top choice to try training again, or the bottom option to finish the training. Once the soldiers leave, follow them outside.

Now's your chance to do a little shopping and treasure hunting. You'll run into Rude in the basement of the first weapon shop, but he won't recognize you in your Shinra guard uniform. Go through the third door and talk to the guard near the back of the room, then jump down to an area with several Shinra guards and some holograms. In the far corner of the room is a yellow materia (Enemy Skill). This place is similar to the 'House of Learning' back in Midgar where you could learn about the game's mechanics. On the second floor of the same building, you can get a 1/35 soldier and a Mind Source. In the room with the cats nearby is a Luck Source. On the third floor is a red Power Source and a green Guard Source.

If you enter the fourth door (the first door on the other side of town), you'll find that that Elena, Rudo, and Tseng of the Turks are here. It's a good thing that you're in that uniform :) Go through the sixth door to find a room with a soldier; you can check the silver trashbin or the opposite chair to get a message from the guard (yes, this is a glitch) and pick up a yellow Speed Source in the side room. On the floor above, you can pick up another 1/35 soldier.

In the next area, Heidegger and Rufus show up again. You have to do your salute according to what the captain of the guard tells you to do (remember your training)! At the very end, all you have to do is be facing forward: pressing any button will make you do the 'spinning gun' salute. Unfortunately, the order of commands is random each time you play, so just do your best. Afterwards, you can press the following buttons to make Cloud do funny things:

S Scratch back with gun
X Put one leg forward
T Shrug
Pad    Stand at attention

Depending on how well you did during the salute, Heidegger will give you an item. Each 'button press' action was worth 10 points, and the final salute was worth 30 points. Changing direction was worth 0 points, but unless you were facing in the correct direction, any action you performed was worth 0 points. Also, performing an action was worth 0 points if you did it too late (although you'll get full points if you do the action early). Your total score determines what you will receive (notice that Rufus' reactions change depending on what item you will be given):

000 - 050 = Silver Glasses Accessory
060 - 090 = HP Plus Independent Materia
100 - 200 = Force Stealer Weapon (for Cloud)

After everyone else leaves, Red 13 (who was watching from just inside the boat) will talk to you if you try to leave instead of boarding the boat. Either way, you'll end up joining your friends in the boat's hull.

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