FFVII - Walkthrough - 1.4 Mako Reactor #5

Items in This Area
Hi-Potion, Ether x2, Potion, Tent, Titan Bangle

Board the train. When the timer appears after you talk to Tifa, talk to the homeless man in the back of the screen to get a Phoenix Down. In the second car, talk to the man closest to the 'front' of the screen and pick the top option to get a Hi-Potion. In the third car, a man will walk past you, snicker, and steal from you; follow him and talk to him again to get back the gil he just swiped. Keep going through each train car until Tifa jumps off one of the cars and you and Barret follow her. If this occurs on the last car, talk to the man at the very end to get a Hi-Potion. After jumping off, you'll end up in an underground railroad passageway. If you go south (towards the 'front' of the screen), you'll go through the same screen 5 times before coming to two guards who you can fight. When the battle's over, choose the bottom option to keep fighting or the top option to run away. You can fight the same battle over and over, so when you get tired of fighting, just pick the top option. An OK place to gain some experience, gil, and AP, if you think you'll need it.

Anyway, it's a lot faster to just head north to where the green barrier is and go down the hatch to the west (examine it and choose the top choice twice or the middle option once). Pick up the Ether in the adjoining passage, climb down the two ladders, and talk to Wedge. Then go up the ladder near him to reach a room where Jessie is waiting for you. Take the Potion that's next to her and climb down the ladder on the far left end of the room to reach a chamber where you can find a Tent, a Save Point, and Biggs.

Go up the ladder here to reach the No. 5 Reactor. The room you're in should be familiar. Slide down the pipe and then work your way back to the heart of the plant. After Cloud fiddles with the machinery, go back to the large room and climb up the stairs and into the elevator. It'll take you to a new floor. Grab the contents of the treasure chest outside (Ether) and then head to the left where there are three control panels. You'll need to hit your panel as the same time Barret and Tifa hit theirs (using the O button), so give it a shot. Instead of waiting for them to raise their arms, you'll have an easier time if you time it so that you hit your panel _just_ before they do. You can't use the panel if you didn't go back to the heart of the power plant. Afterwards, go through the opened gate (there's a Save Point here), and head north.

In the T-shaped room, you'll be stopped by a group of guards, and then meet President Shinra. After that, a helicopter and a hydrofoil-like machine show up. The Shinra president leaves in the helicopter, but the huge machine attacks you and your friends.

Air Buster
LV 15 HP 1200 MP 0 Weak Against Lightning
This machine turns to face (and attack) whomever hits it. So, if one of your characters is low on life, have the person on the opposite side attack to draw the boss' attention away. Be especially careful of it's Big Bomber--it causes tons of damage (but also increases your Limit meter quickly). Remember that even if it's back is turned, it can use a weak machine gun attack on you. Use potions and the Restore Materia to keep up your HPs and use Bolt as well as your Limit Break attacks to take this machine out. You'll receive a Titan Bangle if you win the battle.

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