FFVII - Item List

Item Name Range Effect When Used
Potion 1 Restores 100 HP
Hi-Potion 1 Restores 500 HP
X-Potion 1 Restores all lost HP
Ether 1 Restores 100 MP
Turbo Ether 1 Restores all lost MP
Elixir 1 Restores all lost HP/MP
Megalixir A Restores all lost HP/MP
Phoenix Down 1 Revive with 1/10th HP
Antidote 1 Cures 'Poison' status
Soft 1 Cures 'Petrify' status
Maiden's Kiss 1 Cures 'Toad' status
Cornucopia 1 Cures 'Minimum' status
Echo Screen 1 Cures 'Sleepel' status
Hyper 1 Causes 'Fury', cures 'Sadness'
Tranquilizer 1 Causes 'Sadness', cures 'Fury'
Remedy 1 Cures any status ailment
Smoke Bomb A Escape from battle
Speed Drink 1 Casts 'Haste'
Hero Drink 1 Casts 'Mighty Guard'
Vaccine 1 Prevents status ailments
Grenade 1 Minor special damage
Shrapnel 1 Medium fire damange
Right Arm 1 Heavy special damage
Hourglass A Casts 'Stop'
Kiss of Death A Same effect as 'All Over'
Spider Web A Casts 'Slow'
Dream Powder A Casts 'Sleepel'
Mute Mask A Casts 'Silence'
War Gong A Casts 'Berserk'
Loco Weed A Casts 'Confuse'
Fire Fang A Casts 'Fire2'
Fire Veil A Casts 'Fire3'
Antarctic Wind A Casts 'Ice2'
Ice Crystal A Casts 'Ice3'
Bolt Plume A Casts 'Bolt2'
Swift Bolt A Casts 'Bolt3'
Earth Drum A Casts 'Quake2'
Earth Mallet A Casts 'Quake3'
Deadly Waste A Casts 'Bio2'
M-Tentacles A Casts 'Bio3'
Stardust A Casts 'Comet2'
Vampire Fang 1 Gain HP stolen from target
Ghost Hand 1 Gain MP stolen from target
Vagyrisk Claw 1 Causes 'Petrify'
Light Curtain A Casts 'Barrier'
Lunar Curtain A Casts 'MBarrier'
Mirror A Casts 'Reflect'
Holy Torch A Casts 'Dispel'
Bird Wing A Inflicts Wind damage
Dragon Scales A Casts 'Aqua Breath'
Imapler 1 Casts 'Toad'
Shrivel A Casts 'Minimum'
Eye Drop 1 Cures 'Dark' status
Molotov 1 Causes fire damage
S-mine 1 Medium special damage
8inch Cannon 1 Heavy special damage
Graviball 1 Casts 'Demi'
T/S Bomb 1 Casts 'Demi2'
Ink 1 Causes 'Dark'
Dazers 1 Causes 'Paralysis'
Dragon Fang A Causes lightning damage
Cauldron 1 Casts 'Smelly Breath'
Sylkis Greens C Speed Plus, Stamina, and Appearance Up
Reagan Greens C Stamina Up
Mimett Greens C (no effect)*
Cureil Greens C Stamina Up
Pahsana Greens C Appearance Up
Tantal Greens C Stamina Up and Appearance Up
Krakka Greens C Appearance Up
Gysahl Greens C Stamina Up
Tent A Restores all HP/MP (Save Point or World Map)
Power Source 1 'Power' up by one point
Guard Source 1 'Vitality' up by one point
Magic Source 1 'Magic' up by one point
Mind Source 1 'Spirit' up by one point
Speed Source 1 'Speed' up by one point
Luck Source 1 'Luck' up by one point
Zeio Nut - Used to breed chocobos
Carob Nut - Used to breed chocobos
Porov Nut - Used to breed chocobos
Pram Nut - Used to breed chocobos
Lasan Nut - Used to breed chocobos
Saraha Nut - Used to breed chocobos
Luchile Nut - Used to breed chocobos
Pipio Nut - Used to breed chocobos
Battery - Used in Midgar, Disc One
Tissue - (no purpose)
OmniSlash M Lv.4 Limit Break - Cloud
Catastrophe M Lv.4 Limit Break - Barret
Final Heaven M Lv.4 Limit Break - Tifa
Great Gospel M Lv.4 Limit Break - Aeris
Cosmo Memory M Lv.4 Limit Break - Red 13
All Creation M Lv.4 Limit Break - Yuffie
Chaos M Lv.4 Limit Break - Vincent
Highwind M Lv.4 Limit Break - Cid
1/35 Soldier - Part of a set of twelve
Super Sweeper - (no purpose)
Masamune Blade - (no purpose)
Save Crystal - Make a Save Point once in the Northern Crater
Fight Diary - (no purpose)
Autograph - (no purpose)
Gambler - (no purpose)
Earth Harp - Trade for the Master Materias
Desert Rose - Trade for the Gold Chocobo
Guide Book - Trade for the Underwater Materia

1 = Affects one target only.

A = Affects all targets (all allies or all enemies).

C = Only Affects chocobos that you've captured in Disc 2 or 3. If used in battle, these items restore 100 HP to the target.

M = This is the manual required for a character to learn his or her 4th Level (also called Ultimate) Limit Break.

* = This item has no effect when used on Chocobos, but it can be used to get the Contain materia and can be used in conjunction with a Enemy Skills materia to learn the Enemy Skill 'Chocobuckle'.