FFVII - Walkthrough - 2.1 The Cave

Items in This Area
Viper Halberd, Bolt Armlet, HypnoCrown, Megalixir, Magic Plus materia, Power Source

You'll start off outside of one of the shell-shaped buildings on the east side of the Ancient City. If you walk to the left, Cloud will have another attack and you'll see the ghostly form of Sephiroth leaving the Ancient City. Once Cloud has recovered, follow Sephiroth by heading north, then east along the path you couldn't take before. Note that you're free to go back through the Forest and return to the World Map, but there's no point in doing so unless you wanted to buy some items or find Vincent or Yuffie (unless you already have them). Although you're now on Disc 2, none of the other events that occur in this disc will actually happen until you get the Highwind in section 4e (meaning that if you were to return to the World Map, you couldn't go on the Huge materia quests yet, dig up the Gate 5 Key, or bring Bugenhagen back to the Ancient City).

In the next area, ignore the white, spiked object for a moment. Instead, walk behind it (look for a path to your left). This will allow you to reach a chest containing a Viper Halberd (a weapon for Cid). Once you've gotten it, climb up the spiky object. It's a little tricky to navigate due to it's spiraling shape, but you'll eventually reach a cave entrace after making your way to the top.

Inside, walk to the left and press against the second cleft in the wall. You'll climb to the top and be given two options (Right or Left). Pick the bottom option (Left). Walk over to the next cleft and climb up it, then choose the bottom option when you reach the top to land on a little ledge with a chest above it. You can open the chest from where you are; there's a Bolt Armlet inside. Face the cleft and choose the bottom choice, then the top one to jump to the other side. Now, go to the right and when two options appear, pick the bottom one. This lets you climb down to where the first chest is; there's a HypnoCrown inside of it. Climb back up to the top of the cleft, pick the bottom option, then press against it to try and get back on. When two options appear, choose the top one. Then, make your way up to the ledge with the chest, and pick the top option. You can now take the Megalixir from inside the chest. Get back into the cleft and choose the bottom option to jump to the west side of the path. Work your way to the left, climb up the cleft, and head left a second time to reach a long ladder. Selecting the bottom option will left you climb down to the bottom of the ladder.

If you search using the O button, you'll find a purple materia (Magic Plus) near the lower-left corner of the screen. When you approach the ladder, you'll automatically climb up to the ledge you were at. Now pick the top option after nearing the ladder and climb all the way to the top. Once you're off the ladder, run to the right and go through the opening on the north wall. In the next room, take the contents of the treasure chest (Power Source) before exiting through the far opening to the northwest.

Once outside, keep to the east. After heading along the coastline for a while, you'll come across a sharp curve that turns to the west. Just beyond it is a village and a deep valley, which you can't enter without exploring the village (Icicle Inn) first.

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