FFVII - Walkthrough - 1.14 Costa Del Sol

Items in This Area
Ifrit materia, Power Source x2, Motor Drive, Fire Ring, W Machinegun, Turbo Ether, Transform materia, Wizard Staff, Star Pendant, Soft x2, Phoenix Down x10, Mind Source, Tent

Grab the red Materia (Summon Ifrit) after the battle and wait for the boat to dock. Talk to the people here and then go up the stairs. A short automatic sequence follows. In the next area, go into the door to meet a shady guy who will sell you this room for 300,000 gil; you can sleep here for free anytime you want afterwards. Climb down the stairs in the bottom part of the room to reach a basement with a sleeping man. You can get a Power Source and a Motor Drive here, as well as a Fire Ring from the treasure chest. You'll meet Mukki (from the cabaret in the Wall Market) in the bar, as well as some of his friends. If you go down to the beach, you'll run into Hojo (the scientist you met in the Shinra HQ). You can talk to him if you want, but you won't get anything out of it. Note that if you stayed at an inn here before going to the beach, Hojo will be gone, however, you can stay at the villa, if you bought it, and he will still be there. After talking to him, any party members who aren't in your group will disperse around town.

Outside of the town, head through the mountains and across the bridge. You'll find a cave-like entrance. Talk to the man on the hill, then keep heading north. Eventually, you'll reach a walkway that leads to a large Makoro furnace. Head south and follow the train tracks; there's no point in looking around here. Keep going, and you'll come across some curving tracks and a Save Point. As you walk along the tracks, you can get the following items: W Machinegun, Turbo Ether, and a Transform materia.

These tracks are rickety, and when you walk across them in certain areas a message will appear telling you to press O so that you don't fall through them. It's better to let yourself fall, because you can then hold left or right and rapidly press O to land beneath the tracks. Then, press Up to climb back up. If you landed on the left side of the tracks, you can pick up a Wizard Staff. If you landed in the middle, you can't get anything, but if you landed on the right side, you'll find a Star Pendant. There are three places where you can fall through the tracks, so be sure to get these items.

Take the upper rail path to the next area. Are your friends waiting for you on the lower track? If they're not, then go back and take the lower path. You'll get an option to summon them using the PHS system. Assuming they're there, take the upper path and keep walking until you find a wooden shed. Enter it and pick the top choice when you're prompted to make a decision. This will lower the tracks on the bottom path. Before returning to the lower rail path and following after your allies, you can walk to the end of the path you're on and climb the wall; you'll hear birds chirping if you're in the right place.

After finding the nest, you can choose to take the treasure in the nest (the top option), or leave the birds alone (the bottom option). If you choose the top option, you're attacked.

LV 17 HP 420 MP 0 Weak Against
This guy's easy; just attack until it dies. You'll get 10 Phoenix Downs should you kill it. You can get two Softs from it; one by stealing, the other by killing it with Morph (assuming you're using a GameShark code.)

You'll get 10 Phoenix Downs after the battle is over. Cloud will then return to the train tracks. Keep in mind that this is a one-shot deal; whether you decide to take the treasure or not, you can only make a choice one time. As you're traveling along the lower rail path, you'll see a part where the track splits in two directions. Take the left path (the one that turns back). Walk north (towards the bridge), then right (under the first bridge). It may sound confusing, but you'll end up in a little shack where there's a bunch of items and a man resting on a bulldozer. There's a Mind Source and a Power Source here, and the chest has a Tent inside of it. Leave and follow the other path across the bridge in the next area to reach the town of North Corel.

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