FFVII - Walkthrough - 1.18 The Inventor

Items in This Area
Power Source, Yoshiyuki, Drill Arm, Edincoat

Head southwest, then turn north (you're making a big C around the mountains). Keep walking and you'll see Rocket Town up ahead. In the Accessory Shop, you'll recieve a message if you go to the left end of the counter and examine it (anyone know what it means?) If you go into the house farthest to the right, you can find a chest with a Power Source inside of it in next to the stove. Then talk to the old man standing near the house that's just left of the rocket's launch pad. Talk to him again, and he'll ask you a question. Pick the top answer and the view will pan up to show the rocket. Then the old geezer will give you the Yoshiyuki; it's a weapon for Cloud.

Go into the house to the right of the old man. This is the home of Shera and Cid, although neither of them are around at the moment. There's a chest here with a Drill Arm inside it. If you go out the back entrance, you'll find a light airplane in the backyard--it's one of Cid's inventions, the 'Tiny Bronco'. After looking at the airplane, Shera will show up. When she leaves, go outside and head north to arrive at the rocket--climb inside it to find Cid. After chatting with him, name him. You can then ask him several questions; you have to at least ask the first one (top choice) in order to proceed with the game. Then leave the rocket and return to Cid's house. Shera will show up, then Cid, too. After Cid goes out back, Shera will explain how Cid was going to pilot his rocket into outer space some time ago, but aborted the launch when he discovered that Shera was still making last- minute checks and hadn't left the launch pad yet; she would be burned to ashes since the launch could only be aborted, not delayed. By saving her life, Cid's dreams were shattered, since he did not have the resources to repair the rocket, which tipped over after falling back onto the launch pad.

Cid comes back into the house, then Palmer shows up--an employee of Shinra. Go outside and you'll run into Rufus and a Shinra guard, who have come to 'borrow' the Tiny Bronco. After Shera brings you back inside the house, go out the back entrance to find Palmer standing atop the Tiny Bronco. Talk to him and he'll attack you.

LV 38 HP 6000 MP 240 Weak Against
His Mako Gun causes a fair amount of damage since it has the effects of Fire 2, Ice 2, and Bolt 2, so make sure Aeris is in your party (for her Healing Wind ability) or that you have some Restore Materia. Use Haste and All on your party as well as Slow magic and/or Summon Chocobo on him to even the odds a bit. You'll want to have Cloud's B2/2 by now--it comes in handy. Your prize for beating Palmer is an Edincoat.

After the boss gets wasted (he's not dead, though) your party and Cid will escape on the Tiny Bronco. Although it gets damaged during your flight, it can still be used to skim across shallow water and traverse rivers (although you can't go up or down waterfalls). Here are the airplane controls:

X Exit airplane
O Enter airplane
Select/Start    World Map (press repeatedly to enlarge/hide map)
L1/R1 Rotate view (or return to side view if in overhead view)
L2/R2 Change view

You now have several options that are available to you: you can get Aeris' Level 4 Limit Break manual (see section 8 for details) or go on Yuffie's sub-quest (if you have her in your party, see section 6 for further information). Even if you don't have Yuffie, you can purchase some pretty good weapons and find some treasure chests lying around in Wutai, so you may want to stop there anyways. You can even go back and kill Midgar Zolom, if you've been itching to do so (you'll now have enough HPs to learn the enemy skill 'Beta' from it without dying). In any case, it would be a good idea to explore other areas and pick up items you missed/buy stuff you couldn't afford before instead of continuing on your quest just yet. I would suggest checking out Bone Village, to the north, since you can pick up the powerful 'Summon Kjata' materia there as well as buy some useful bracelets and items.

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