FFVII - Limit Breaks

You have to have played the game thouroughly to gain each and every limit break, and many people dismiss them as unimportant. First of all, it is important to outline that Limit Breaks are not to be associated with the level of your character. Instead, you must get more limit breaks by using the higher level limit breaks you already have, as much as possible also killing as many enemies as you can with a limit. You can only gain a better level by moving up progressively while your character learns the techniques, so if you want to get to Cloud's climbhazard, you have to have gained Braver, Cross-Slash and Blade Beam.

Don't forget, to equip a new level limit break, you must do so in the main menu under the 'limit' option. So if you are on Limit level 1 with Cloud and have both Braver and Cross-Slash, then once you have killed enough enemies with them, you are ready to equip Limit Level 2...

Every character has seven Limit Breaks, excluding Cait Sith, who has two of them, and Vincent, who has four breaks. To earn your Limit Breaks:

Level 1, first break:
- You start with this one already.

Level 1, second break
- Use your first break of that level 8 times.

Level 2, first break
- Kill 80 enemies. Your character has to be the one to deliver the killing blow in order to have it count. You can kill an enemy in any way (spell, Morph, use an item, etc.) Vincent only has to kill 60 enemies in order to fulfill this requirement.

Level 2, second break:
- Use your first break of that level 6 times.

Level 3, first break:
- See 'Level 2, first break' notes.

Level 3, second break:
- You must use your first break of that level 4 times.

Level 4, extreme limit break:
- Learn all your character's other Limit Breaks (6 for everyone but Cait, 3 for Vincent). Then use your character's Limit Break Manual on that person.

I suggest giving your character the Slash All materia or some spell that injures all enemies when trying to learn your first break for each new level. Try to find an area where you can fight many, easy to kill enemies at once (like near Mideel).

As for second breaks, try using a Hyper on the character whose break you want to learn, then give them a Cover materia so they'll take more damage and consequently have their Limit Break bars fill faster. If you're really desperate, give them a weak bracelet and a weak weapon so that they'll take more damage and be able to use their break more times without killing their opponent per battle.

To be able to use a limit break manual level 4, you must have learnt all the other limit breaks for that character, but you can still have the manual. You must be very patient, but is that Omnislash impressive? Erm, just a tad!

All of the characters in Final Fantasy VII have their limit breaks listed below:


Level 1 Braver
Level 2 Blade Beam
Level 3 Meteorain
Finishing Touch
Level 4 Omnislash

Omnislash - To gain this awesome limit break, you must have gained it from the Battle Square in the Gold Saucer. See Gold Saucer Goodies.


Level 1 Big Shot
Level 2 Grenade Bomb
Level 3 Satellite Beam
Level 4 Catastrophe

Catastrophe - Barret's level 4 limit is in the house on the left in North Corel. Only after the part in the plot when you stop the train from crashing.


Level 1 Healing Wind
Seal Evil
Level 2 Breath of the Earth
Fury Brand
Level 3 Planet Protector
Pulse of Life
Level 4 Great Gospel

Great Gospel - Early in the game (obviously before she... well that would be telling), enter Costa De Sol with the buggy and get on the ship to Junon. The buggy will appear on the Junon side. Now your on the other side, you can obtain Mythril from the man sleeping in the cave. To get it, you must win a certain number of battles with the last two digits matching, i.e. 622, 455 etc. Then go to the little house on the peninsula near Gold Saucer and give the man who works there this item and he will let you open one of his boxes. Open the one on the second floor.


Level 1 Beat Rush
Level 2 Waterkick
Level 3 Dolphin Blow
Meteor Strike
Level 4 Final Heaven

Final Heaven - Go in to her house in Nibelheim and play her piano: Press X, Square, Triangle, L1+Triangle, L1+Square, X, Square, Triangle, L1+X, O, X, Square, X

Do this only late in the game.


Level 1 Sled Fang
Lunatic High
Level 2 Blood Fang
Stardust Ray
Level 3 Howling Moon
Earth Rave
Level 4 Cosmo Memory

Cosmo Memory - Back in Nebliheim Mansion, in the safe. The combination is: Right 36, Left 10, Right 59, Right 97. It is important not to go over the number otherwise it won't open. After this, defeat the boss 'Lost Number' to get it. For more information on the safe, please see How to get Vincent.

Cait Sith

Level 1 Dice
Level 2 Slots

Not Available... - Cait Sith doesn't have a level 4 limit break manual, he doesn't even have a level 3 limit break!


Level 1 Boost Jump
Level 2 Hyper Jump
Level 3 Dragon Dive
Big Brawl
Level 4 Highwind

Highwind - In the sunken airplane, near the Gold Saucer in the harbour shape enclosure. Go down in the submarine, and find it in one of the treasure chests.


Level 1 Galian Beast
Level 2 Death Gigas
Level 3 Hellmasker
Level 4 Chaos

Chaos - His limit level 4 is located in the same place as his ultimate weapon, in Lucretia's cave.


Level 1 Greased Lightning
Clear Tranquil
Level 2 Landscaper
Level 3 Gauntlet
Doom of the Living
Level 4 All Creation

All Creation - Complete Yuffie's little quest, and then bring Yuffie to the temple to battle with her family. You will receive Leviathan and this limit break as prizes.