FFVII - Walkthrough - 1.16 Gongaga & Cosmo Canyon

Items in This Area
Fairy Tale, X-Potion x2, Titan materia, Deathblow materia, Added Effect materia, Ether, Black M-phone, X-Potion, Fairy Ring, Ether Turbo, Wizer Staff, Gravity materia, ElixirYou can get a second Elixir, a Magic Source, and the FullCure materia here from Disc 2 onwards.

Now, head south from the Golden Saucer across the river. You don't have to go to Gongaga town right now if you don't want; while you can still get the Deathblow and Titan materias later, you can't fight Reno or Rude, nor can you get the treasure they're carrying. In any case, go into the black structure surounded by a forest, if you want to go to Gongaga. Reno and Rude are here. After Elena shows up and alerts the other Turks to your presence, you'll be asked a question. No matter what your answer is, you'll have to fight Reno and Rude at the same time.

LV 22 HP 2000 MP 80 Weak Against
LV 23 HP 2000 MP 135 Weak Against
Use Summoning spells to even the odds at the start of the round, then go after either one. Once you injure one enough times, he'll leave, then the other one will. It may be better to attack Rude, since he can heal himself and Reno, but then again, Reno can inflict more damage. In any case, this fight isn't too hard either way. You'll get a Fairy Tale and a X-Potion should you win the battle.

After the Turks leave, head northeast, then go north to reach a pile of scrapped machinery. As you're looking around, Scarlet and Tseng show up in the Shinra helicopter and talk about 'Huge Materia' (which you'll learn more about in Disc 2). After they leave, examine the area where Scarlet was standing and choose the bottom option to get the Titan materia. Then go back to the first area and head left. In the second area, there is a Deathblow materia near the left path (which returns you to the World Map). If you take the north path, you'll arrive at Gongaga Town.

Be sure to visit the stores (don't forget that you can climb up the pole in the Accessory Shop to reach a room where you can buy weapons) and get the treasure chests from the inn (X-Potion) and the old man's house (White M-phone). If you go into the far right house, you'll meet an old couple who apparently know Cloud (or someone just like him), and someone else named Zack. When you're done here, return to the World Map. Head southwest, then turn toward the river and go over the shallows, and then make your way up through the mountains to reach Cosmo Canyon. If you try to drive past the town, the buggy will short out, so you don't really have any choice but to enter the town (and you can't get anywhere else without the buggy, so even if you didn't drive it past Cosmo Canyon and entered on foot, it wouldn't matter. Note that if you leave the Buggy and enter Cosmo without having your vehicle malfunction, Bugenhagen won't mention that it was repaired to it when you leave). There's an Elixir in the 'Shildra Inn' near the benches; this is the same one the buggy repairman will tell you about if your buggy was broken and you paid him in order to tell you about the Elixir.

When you approach the man at the gate, Red 13 will talk to him (he'll either bound up the steps past your party if he's not with you, or he'll just leave your party and start talking if he was with you previously). Everyone here knows Red 13 by the name 'Nanaki'. After Red heads up the stairs, talk to the guard and choose the bottom option to be let into the town (Red 13 will reappear to make sure you guys get in). If he was in your party, you'll have the option to make a new team; otherwise, you can look around town freely. Don't miss the Save Point located in the Tigerlily Arms Shop. In the Item Shop, there is a passage with a red rope across it that prevents you from checking out the room in the back. Keep this place in mind because if you return to Cosmo Canyon in Disc 2 or 3, the rope will have been removed and you can get an Elixir, a Magic Source, and the FullCure materia orb from the back room. Before continuing your quest, go the the Shildra Inn. On the left side of the screen, hidden behind a bench, is a hard-to-spot Elixir that you'll probably want to hold on to.

Eventually head up to the observatory, where you'll run into Red 13 and Bugenhagen, an old geezer who knows all kinds of things. After Red 13 leaves, go back down and talk to your friends in order to make a new party. Then talk to Red 13 in the room connected to the inn before returning to the observatory. Enter the side door, chat with Bugenhagen, and you'll see a short FMV sequence.

When it's over, return to the large bonfire (the Cosmo Candle) to the right of the entrance. Your friends are here. Talk to everyone here, then chat with Red 13 a second time. Bugenhagen will show up, and you'll make a new group (with Red 13 as a permanent member). If you want someone else, just talk to another ally (it doesn't matter which one). Follow Bugenhagen back to the sealed door above the weapons shop and talk to him, then choose the top option. He'll open the door for you. Enter and climb down to the very bottom of the shaft, then head left.

In the next area, head right and up until you see a hole facing left*. Enter it and you'll be given an option. Pick the top one to make an opening appear nearby. Go through it, then head up and left. You'll slide on the oil and hit a spiked wall, reducing every member's HP by 500 points. To avoid it, tap on the controller in order to make Cloud inch is way across the oil (note that hitting the spikes can only reduce a person's life to 1 HP. However, if one of your members died beforehand, they'll be revived with 1 HP!) Then go south, through the hole, and head right to reach the Added Effect materia you couldn't get in the first area. Go back and carefully _walk_ along the edge of the path to avoid slipping across the oil. Then go right, up, left, down the stairs, and through the underpassage to reach a chest with an Ether inside of it. Then return to the stairs and go left, then down to find a second chest containing a Black M-phone. Then climb back up the stairs and head to the upper-left to leave this area.

*  If you enter any of the other three holes, you'll be given the same option, but if you choose the top choice, you'll be attacked. Doing this doesn't seem to alter the level in any way, but you're better off doing this after you've cleared the _whole_ area out instead of doing it right now; I'd rather be safe than sorry, in my opinion.

There are five passages in this area; you only want to take the 2nd and 4th passages from the left. First, take the 4th passage. When you touch the web beyond it, you'll have to fight a giant spider (Stinger). When you've killed it, follow the path north to find a chest with an X-Potion inside. Then go back and take the 2nd passage from the left. Kill the Stinger that attacks you when you touch the web and then head left and down. As you're going through the tunnel, hold right and you'll find an alternate path that leads to yet another treasure chest. You'll find a Fairy Ring in it. Go back up to where the web was and walk north to find another web. Past it is the exit, but try holding left and Cloud will go along a passage hidden by the rock that leads to a chest. There's an Turbo Ether inside.

When you approach the giant face in the next cavern, it begins to move and you are attacked.

Gi Nattak
LV 29 HP 5500 MP 200 Weak Against
Don't worry about the Soul Fires this boss has with him; just use your Summon Materia, then concentrate on attacking and using Limit Breaks on the big guy himself. If your spell Materia has hit second level, then iCE and Lightning work nicely on him. You don't even need to worry about your life much; the boss can be taken down before any serious damage is done to your party. You'll get a Wizer Staff should you be successful in battle. For a very quick kill, try using a Phoenix Down or X-Potion, or cast Life on him, but be warned that it will take quite a few tries to get it to work.

Grab the spell Materia (Gravity) that's left behind and follow Bugenhagen up the steps. After the sequence with Red 13 and his father, Seto, make a new party and leave the town. Red 13 will rejoin you when you try to leave. Oh yes, the Buggy will be working again when you leave Cosmo Canyon, and if it never blew up in the first place, well, it won't happen anyway :)

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