FFX - Walkthrough - Calm Lands

Enemies Items Key Items
Mech Scouter, Anaconder, Marabolos, Chimera Brain, Flame Flan, Nebiros, Croel, Ogre, Shred Power Sphere x30 Aeon's Soul

Head across the plains to the upper right hand corner, go to the mid-left to fight Belgemine.

Defender X HP 64,000
Strong Against: Weak Against: Win: Steal:
  Lv.2 Key Sp. x1/x2 Lunar Curtain x4
This guy is hard headed, literally. Not to mention hard fisted. Make sure to revive anyone ASAP. Nice -ga Spells work too. If you're attacking, don't bother, unless you use Armor Break. Summon Bahamut if you want; he has -ga spells as well.

*Head down into the valley, if you have 225,000+ gil and work your way through the cave --- See the Yojimbo Sidequest.

Then head across the bridge.

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