FFX - Walkthrough - SS Liki

Enemies Items Key Items
Sinscale, Sin, Sinspawn Echuilles

Boat, er how boring!. Go talk to Wakka for some entertainment. Then waltz over to eavesdrop on Yuna's conversation. Then go back to Wakka and confirm what you heard. Then look, Yuna's free. Go talk to her for a while.

Sin HP 2000
Strong Against: Weak Against: Win: Steal:
Have Wakka attack the Sin fin. Have Lulu casts magic on it. and have Tidus use Cheer, and attack Flickering Sinscales. If you feel boastful bring Yuna in to use Valefor. Use a potion if your HP drops below 250.

Where is Tidus? Jump in Wakka! He might drown like Chappu! hey, what's that lurking in the shadows. Get on your guard Wakka!

Sinspawn Echuilles HP 2000
Strong Against: Weak Against: Win: Steal:
Forget the Sinscales, Focus your attacks on the Sinspawn. He has a tendancy to use Blender, so watch out. Have Wakka attack, and Tidus Cheer for 5 rounds and attack with him. Use a potion when your HP drops below 150. Use Wakka's Dark Attack to get rid of that bastard's Drain Touch.

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