FFX - Walkthrough - Kilika

Enemies Items Key Items
Ragora, Yellow Element, Dinonix, Lord Ochu, Killer Bee, Sinspawn Geneaux Ether, Scout, Mana Sphere x2, Elixer, Hi-Potion, Luck Sphere, Red Armlet, Potion x3

Head up the path and swing to the left. After waking up go to the far right to talk to Wakka. Head to the far let and into the forest. This is a good time (REALLY) good time to level up, after all there is a Save Sphere for you to restore your Hp/Mp.

Lord Ochu HP 4690
Strong Against: Weak Against: Win: Steal:
Have Wakka, Tidus, and Kimahri attack. Then bring out Lulu and have her cast fire. Summon Valefor and have him use fire as well. When he starts to sleep Attack Him ASAP because he has Regen when he sleeps for about 600 HP a turn. If it is Luluís turn attack anyway 25 less HP is better than 600 more hp on him. Use a potion if your HP drops below 200.

After the battle jog up them stairs like the old High Summoner would! Yikes! There is a huge sin spawn, time to pull out the ole buttered blade!

Sinspawn Geneaux HP 3500/450/450
Strong Against: Weak Against: Win: Steal:
Start the battle by physically attacking the tentacles, since they will absorb any magic cast. After they die bring out Lulu and Valefor, and have both use fire magic. If Valefor gains Overdrive donít be afraid to use it. After he cracks open, make a team of Tidus, Kimahri and Lulu and attack at will. Use a potion if your Hp drops below 200.

Start heading up to the temple, and see the moronic morons come :P.

Cloister of Trials - Kilika (Ifrit)

Break the rules of Yevon by going in anyway! No one will really care after all. Grab the Kilika Sphere and place it in the recess bay by the door. Then remove it. Put it in the next door, remove it, set it down, and touch the glyth. It should open. After that grab the Glyth Sphere and take it the recess where the Kilika sphere lays (you have to take that out first ;) ) and it should open. Put the Kilika Sphere in the stand and push it to the place-where-if-you-stand-it-makes-the-stand-go-back o.o It should go down, revealing a new Kilika sphere, take it and put in the end door, but donít exit. Remember that door the Glyth sphere opened? go in there and get the Destruction Sphere and place it where you got that last Kilika Sphere!

Rob the temple of the Red armlet and run to the that big door and exit.

Uh oh. I donít like that look Wakka is giving O.o. ... We are in trouble again arenít we? They say itís 'cause Yuna will pay, but it wasnít our fault right? Er.. Go talk to Wakka, then try to exit. Yuna will pop out! Congrats, you have Ifrit. Go back to the Small Village Named Kilika and board your ship!

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