FFX - Walkthrough - Home & the Airship

Enemies Items Key Items
Zu, Cactaur, Alcyone, Sand Wolf, Mushussu, Mech Guard, Land Worm Al Bhed Potion x10, Special Sphere, Skill Sphere, Lv 4 Key Sphere, Level 2 Key Sphere, 10000 Gil

Moving around here is basic! Just follow every one else and prepare for battle. When you get control of the ship, go talk to Cid. Exit the cockpit, and re-enter. Then talk to the pilot. Try to exit again, and head down the corridor. Then head up the stairs, and pass the two Al Bhed, and out onto the deck.

Evare HP 32,000
Strong Against: Weak Against: Win: Steal:
Black Magic Sp. x1/x2 Water Gem x1/x2
Have Tidus use Cheer and have your two strongest characters attack. If you have learned the -ga (Firaga, etc.) spells, use them. Make sure to Haste (or Hasteaga) when he gasps for air, it doesn't mean he is hurt, it means RESTORE YOUR FREAKING HP TO FULL ASAP. Make sure Rikku is out of the party when uses the Poison Breath, then switch her in and use an Al Bhed Potion. Just ignore stoned people, Al Bhed Potions cure them.

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