FFX - Walkthrough - Highroad & Mushroom Rock

Enemies Items Key Items
Mi'ihen Fang, White Element, Raldo, Floating Eye, Bomb, Dual Horn, Chocobo Eater, Thunder Flan, Vouivre, Garuda, Fungaur, Red Element, Gandarewa Hi Potion x7, Antidote x6, Ice Brand, Hunter's Spear, Remedy x2, Red Ring, Soft x3, Lv 1 Key Sphere x2, 4000 Gil, Eye Drop x3, Mega-Potion x3, Mars Crest, Thunder Blade, Scout x2, Fortune Sphere, Heat Lance, Ice Lance, Seeker's Ring, Ether, Phoenix Down x2, Potion x10, X-potion, Serene Armlet, Serene Bracer

Yikes! A lot of treasure this time. Just go up, following that darn arrow again (simple solution eh?). Make sure to explore, and talk!

Chocobo Eater HP 10,000
Strong Against: Weak Against: Win: Steal:
x1.5 Fire Lv 1 Key Sphere x1/x2 Potion x1
Start off by Wakka's Dark Attack. Have Lulu Cast Fire, until Yuna's turn, then have her summon Ifrit to flame his arse. After that attack with piercing weapons until he falls on his back. Use a potion if your HP drops below 300, and ALWAYS have 2+ people alive because Fist of Fury does ~1000 Damage.

Keeping heading up the path talking to people to get some more of those wonderful items, but you need a chocobo to get some of them. Finding feathers will make the chocobo jump to the treasure. There is one on the upper path, and 2-3 on the lower path. To get to the lower path, you must go to the end of the Highroad and go down to the Oldroad. After that long expedition, head up to the gate, and try to pass. Access Denied. Try to leave, and Seymour will come to let you in. What a pal! Head down the path once again, and talk to people. The lifts are marked with green []'s. Before going up on the Master lift, go to the right and talk to Luzzu, Then head up. Follow the arrow there as well.

Sinspawn Gui HP 12,000 (head: 4000)(arms: 800)
Strong Against: Weak Against: Win: Steal:
Lv1 Key Sphere x2/x3 Potion x1
Fill each Aeon's Overdrive first.
Start by Summoning Ifrit and using Hellfire to take out the arms. Then Dismiss him, and make a party of Wakka, Auron, and Tidus. Have Tidus Cheer, Wakka attack the head, and Auron attack the body. If you find the head annoying, replace Auron with Lulu, and use Firaga on it. When the arms come back use Valefor's Energy Ray, and attack again until finished. Use a potion if HP drops below 450.

Sinspawn Gui (2nd Time) HP 6000 (head: 1000)(arms: 800)
Strong Against: Weak Against: Win: Steal:
Lv1 Key Sphere x1/x2 Potion x1
Have Seymour take out the head via -ra Magic. Have Auron take out an arm, and have Seymour take the other out, than Blitz him with magic. Have Yuna look cute, or heal.

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