FFX - Walkthrough - Submerged Ruins

Enemies Items Key Items
Sahagin, Geosgaeno, Klikk Potion x2, 200 Gil, Hi potion Flint, Withered Bouquet

Swim forward, following the red arrow for a bit until you can see a stairway going up under an arch straight ahead. Go to the right, first, climb the platform, and go to the back where you will find a chest with 200 gil. You'll also find a blue circle with words written on it in a strange language - nothing you can do about this now. Go back in the water and across to the left side. You'll find an Al Bhed compilation sphere here, which, if you have previous saved games with Al Bhed primers, will compile all the primers into your current game. Head through the archway to find 2 Potions.

Get back in the water, and head for the stairway under the arch that you first saw. Go down the walkway, up the stairs, and you'll come to a save sphere near a bridge over the water. Head over the bridge, and turn left at the first crossroads you find for another treasure chest, then go back and continue along. You'll fall into the water. Swim around a bit, and you'll encounter some Sahagins. Attack for a bit, then something else will come and take care of them for you…

Geosgaeno HP 32767
Strong Against: Weak Against: Win: Steal:
Attack and heal if necessary, and soon Tidus will try to escape and end up locking himself inside an abandoned temple-like building.

Go up the stairs and into the next room. Go to the middle of the room to examine the remains of a campfire. Then go to the door near the save sphere (exits are green squares and save spheres are white squares on the map) to find some flint in the drawer of the table. Go back to the main room, and across to the door opposite the one you just came out. There's a chest just hidden from view at the bottom of the stairs. Go up the stairs, and grab the withered bouquet on the landing. Go all the way to the top, out the door, and along the balcony to find another chest. Then head back and light a campfire.

Klikk HP 1500
Strong Against: Weak Against: Win: Steal:
Attack/heal for a bit, and then someone will come along to help you. How nice. Have her throw grenades, and steal more when she runs out.

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