FFX - Aeons

Summoning Aeons

Unlike many previous FF games, summoned aeons are fully controllable in battle, like regular characters. They each have their own special attack and an overdrive, in addition to regular physical attacks, and they can be taught many of the same abilities that the characters have. Two slight exceptions to this are Yojimbo and the Magus Sisters.

Acquiring Aeons

Yuna gains new Aeons by visiting the temples of Yevon and praying to the Fayth, after first completing the Cloister of Trials. There are five aeons that are aquired automatically as you play through the game, and three more that involve sidequests.

Special Commands

Pressing right on the directional pad once an aeon has been summoned opens up a special menu with the commands Shield, Boost, and Dismiss.

Shield causes the aeon to shield itself from the next attack, reducing the damage done by the attack. However, the aeon's overdrive gauge will not charge.

Boost causes the aeon to recieve more damage from the next attack, but also causes its overdrive gauge to charge faster.

Dismiss will send the aeon away.

Teaching Aeons Abilities

The item 'Summoner's Soul,' which can be aquired by defeating Belgemine, will allow you to teach your aeons abilities. A list of these abilities and what items are used to teach them can be found here. Yojimbo and the Magus Sisters cannot be taught abilities.

Raising Aeon's Attributes

The item 'Aeon's Soul,' which can also be aquired by defeating Belgemine, will allow you to raise aeons' attributes using spheres:
HP Power Sphere
MP Mana Sphere
Strength Power Sphere
Defense Power Sphere
Magic Mana Sphere
Magic Defense Mana Sphere
Agility Speed Sphere
Luck Fortune Sphere
Evasion Speed Sphere
Accuracy Speed Sphere