FFX - Walkthrough - Bevelle

Enemies Items Key Items
Warrior Monk, YKT-63, YAT-94, Maze Larvae, Water Flan, Sahagin, Bat Eye, Swamp Mafdet, Phlegyas, Octopus, Grothia [B], Pterya [B], Spathi [B], Evrae Altana [B], Seymour Natus[B] HP sphere, Knight Lance, White Magic Sphere, Ether, Black Magic Sphere, Skill Sphere, 10000 Gil, Rematch, Avenger

Cloister of Trials - Bevelle (Bahamut)

This is best described in diagrams (coming soon)

Heh? A Trial? Fair? Probably as fair as scoring a touchdown by punting the football at the 2 yard line when it is 1st and 10, 98 for a goal. Next we see Yuna in the Via Purifico, and again, I say we use a diagram again!

*Note: Use Bahamut's Impulse on hard enemies

Grothia HP 8,000
Summon either Shiva and use Bliz (-ra, -ga) or Bahamut and Mega Flare/Blizzaga.
Pterya HP 12,000
Bahamut and attack, and Megaflare
Spathi HP 20,000
Bring out an aeon with your highest attack of Ixion, Ifrit, and Shiva. When they are weak, use their respected element. Use OD when it is possible. Shield before Bahamut uses Mega Flare.

Now we have Tidus back. Head down the path.

Evrae Altana HP 16384
Strong Against: Weak Against: Win: Steal:
Holy/Cure Black Magic Sp. x1/x2 Water Gem x2 / Healing Spring x1
Use 2 Phoenix Downs.

Head down the bloody path to Seymour.

Seymour Natus HP
Strong Against: Weak Against: Win: Steal:
Equip Yuna with the Soft Ring you got at the Mi'ihen Road. Always have her alive, and have Rikku switch in and out. Use magic with Yuna and Lulu to do damage. (Black Magic Spheres). Have Auron attack. When someone is petrified, switch in Rikku for an Al Bhed Potion.

Go talk to Yuna (down, then down again).

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