FFX - Walkthrough - Thunder Plains & Macalania Woods

Enemies Items Key Items
Melusine, Quactar, Aerouge, Larva, Gold Element, Kusariggu, Iron Giant, Buer, Xiphos, Blue Element, Chimera, Wasp, Iguion, Musurrsu, Sphereimorph[B] Phoenix Down x5, Hi-Potion x2, Water Ball, Yellow Shield, 2000 Gil, MP Sphere, Elixir x2, Remedy

Follow the arrow.... AGAIN...


  •  If you experience difficulty because of Thunder magic, summon Ixion
  •  Stay close to towers
  •  Press X when the screen flashes
  •  Pray at the stones by using [square]
  •  It's okay to use Aerospark

When you reach the travel Agency, go back to Yuna's Room. Then go talk to Yuna, then Rikku, the next morning. Exit and follow the red arrow. When you reach Macalania, follow the left path. Heh...no red arrow this time. Pretty straight forward anyway!

Spherimorph HP 16,000
Strong Against: Weak Against: Win: Steal:
(Varies) (Varies) Lv 2 Key Sphere x1/x2 Ether x1/Turbo Ether x1
Knowing your elements is important for this battle. If he uses Blizzard call Ifrit and use his Overdrive, and if he uses Water, summon Ixion. If not make a party out of Tidus, your best attacker, and Lulu. If he uses Elemental Shift, attack with Tidus or your attacker to find out what his element is. Make sure to haste your party, starting with Lulu, your attacker, then Tidus. Have Lulu use -ra magic of the opposite element he casts (Fire-Ice, Ice-Fire, Water-Lightning, Lightning-Water) If Lulu gets her overdrive, be sure to use it. It does a quick 5000-6000 damage (spinning with your palm is easier).

Go ahead and leave that forest!

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