FFX - Walkthrough - Moonflow

Enemies Items Key Items
Ochu, Garm, Gandarewa, Funguar, Snow Flan, Bunyip X-Potion, Lv 1 Key Sphere x3, Dragon Scale x2, Magic Def Sphere, Phoenix Down x2, 5000 Gil, Ether, Antidote x4, Mega-Potion Summoner's Soul

Just head up the path as usual... Make sure to talk to everyone.... like usual ; ). Make sure to talk to Belgemine.

After reaching the Shoopuf station, walk to the top left. Go talk to the Shoopuf driver on the top of the stairs after that, to go across the Moonflow.

Extractor HP 4000
Strong Against: Weak Against: Win: Steal:
1/2 Fire, Water, Ice x1.5 Lightning Mega-Phoenix x1/x2 Potion x1
Use a combination of Cheer and Attack. Also cast Haste, Wakka first. Attack ASAP and with full strength when he ascends. Use a potion if HP drops below 250.

Go ahead and leave the station and follow the path. Make sure to get Rikku ;)

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