FFX - Walkthrough - Mi'ihen & Djose

Enemies Items Key Items
Bite Bug, Funguar, Garm, Basilisk, Snow Flan, Bunyip, Extractor Hi potion x4, Soft Ring, Bright Bangle, Ether x2, Mega-Potion, Ability Sphere x4, Magic Sphere, Halbred, Potion x10

Look at all the dead people :'( . That's what happens when one defies the Great Yevon. Go up to the central ridge thing, and talk to Luzzu's little bud. Walk to the left, and then walk to Auron. After that go meet your party up top. As always, go down the road and talk (the new moral in your life). Enter the Djose Temple and go enter the Cloister.... Smiling.

Cloister of Trials - Djose (Ixion)

Grab the 2 Djose Spheres on either side of the room, and place them into the door. Take the next two spheres from the far door, and place them on the right wall. Press the stand under the over hang, and charge up the third sphere. Press the stand return button. Put the charged sphere into the recess by the door, and place the two from the wall into the stand, and push it into the pit. Jump across it and press the stand into the wall, and jump back, pressing the stand return button. Take those two spheres, and place them in the two recesses in the first room. Grab the charged sphere, and place it on the other side of the door. On the left wall a glyph will glow, touch it and grab the Destruction Sphere. Go to the middle and go up to the next floor via the symbol. Push in the 5 stands, and a stand will appear. Put the Destruction Sphere in it and ravage the treasure. Then head up the stairs.

When you have control, just try to leave two times to have the story progress. In the morning go to the left room to wake up Yuna, and continue on your path... You know the rest!

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