FFX - Walkthrough - Luca

Enemies Items Key Items
Worker, Oblitzerator, Crane, Sahagin Chief, Vouivre, Garuda Hi-potion x2, Phoenix Down x2, Magic Sphere, HP Sphere, Strength Sphere, 1000 Gil

Welcome to the blitzball capital! The announcers are pessimists though, so go out and prove 'em wrong, ya? Go to dock three, by following that infamous red arrow. After the Blitz orientation, head down to the bar to have a few drinks with your good old friend. When you get there he's gone, and Kimahri will meet some friends. Yuna will get kidnapped. Head towards Dock Four using the left way around. You see O'aka? Buy Kimahri a nice Thunder Spear. Heh... Fun fun, nice little machina to fight. Just hack them like a butcher would.

Oblitzerator HP 6000
Strong Against: Weak Against: Win: Steal:
1/2 Fire, Water, Ice x1.5 Thunder 1x/2x Elixir 1x Potion/2x Potion
Crane: 65535 HP
Real Easy. Begin by casting lighting on the crane while Tidus and Kimahri attack. After it starts to hum, and shakes continuously have Tidus use the crane, which will damage Oblitzerator for about 93% of his current HP. After that just attack and Shock him. Use a potion if HP makes it way under 175.

Blitzball Game

If you managed to learn the Jecht shot on the SS Winno, start the first half by passing between Tidus and another one of your blitz players. If you haven't get close to the goal as possible and shoot like crazy. In the second half equip the Jecht shot and again get close as you can, but have all but 2 people tackle, and shoot with it (making sure the attack power is at least 2-3 less than your Endurance).

Hack your way through the Sahagins and other monsters. After the lecture from your old friend, follow him. Walk over to Yuna and laugh your head off (no comment).

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