FFX - Walkthrough - Besaid

Enemies Items Key Items
Pirahna, Water Flan, Garuda, Dingo, Condor Phoenix Down x4, Hi-potion x2, 800 gil, Potion x2, Rod of Wisdom, Antidote x2, Ether, Seeker's Ring, Remedy Moon Crest

Once you regain control, swim to the group of people on the shore. Follow Wakka to the village. Now you can explore. Nothing of real interest in houses to the left (the middle one is Wakka's - save that for later). The first house on the right is an item store (you can't buy much right now anyway), and the second is the Crusader's lodge (go in and talk to them). There's a treasure chest in front of the first house on the right, and three beyond the grass between the first and second houses on the right.

After you're done looking around, enter the temple at the far end of the village. Leave when you're done looking around, and go back to Wakka's house. Once you wake up, go back to the temple to look for Wakka.

Cloister of Trials - Besaid (Valefor)

Walk forward and touch the glyph on the far wall, then touch the one that appears on the side wall. This will open a door. Enter and go down the stairs. Touch the glyph on the landing above the glyph stand, and a Glyph Sphere will appear that you can remove. Continue down the stairs with it, and place it in the recess in the door. Keep going until you come to a dip in the floor with a stand on the left and symbols on the wall on the right. Touch the symbols, and the wall will open. Take the Besaid Sphere out of the wall, and place it in the stand. Now go back to the first door you opened, with the Glyph Sphere, and take the sphere out of the door. Put it in the first recess to come to along the left side of the hallway. Go through the new door, and take the Destruction Sphere out, and put it in the recess that you got the Besaid (blue) Sphere from. Head down the hallway to where the dead end used to be, to receive that temple's treasure, the Rod of Wisdom. Note that you do not have to get the hidden treasure from every temple you visit to complete that temple's Cloister of Trials, but you need all the treasures eventually if you want to get the aeon Anima, so you might as well get them the first time you're there. Go back to the Besaid Sphere on the stand, and push the stand into the middle of the room. It will sink into the ground, and an elevator will appear.

Head back outside into the village. Go over and talk to the summoner. Go over and talk to Wakka when you're ready to go to sleep. Once you wake up, head outside. Keep running up the path, until you come to the hill with the three crossroads. You'll have a few 'tutorial' battles along the way, teaching you how to use the different characters' abilities. Once you regain control, go forwards down the path.

???? HP 750
Strong Against: Weak Against: Win: Steal:
Keep attacking, heal if necessary. Not that there's much else you can do, anyway.

After the battle, keep going along the path, until you get to the boat. Talk to the people before you get on the boat, and some of them will give you items.

Note that, once you have Yuna in your party, you can return to Besaid and get Valefor's second overdrive, which might prove useful.

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