FFX - Walkthrough - Zanarkand

Enemies Items Key Items
Sinscale, Sinspawn Ammes [B], Tanker

As the game's opening ends, we find out young hero waving to a group of his devoted fans. Go forward, over the bridge, to talk to them, and name yourself. Eventually Tidus will say that it's time for him to go. Run along the road towards the blitzball stadium. Push through the crowds of people in front of the stadium entrance, and enter to let the game begin.

Once you have control of Tidus again, head down the hill and talk to Auron, then follow him. Introducing: Sinscales. Not too hard, just attack and run basically. Once you get up to the top of the hill, the first boss battle will commence with Sinspawn Ammes.

Sinspawn Ammes HP 2400
Strong Against: Weak Against: Win: Steal:
Auron's Overdrive will kin the Sinscales, leaving just the main enemy. It usually uses Demi, which takes off 1/4 of your HP, meaning it alone can't kill you. Just keep attacking.

Afterwards, continue following Auron. There's a save sphere here, the first one in the game. Save spheres fully restore your HP/MP as well as save your game, so in this case, it's a good idea to save. ;) Continue on. More Sinscales - surprise, surprise. When their wings start to flicker, it means they'll use Spines on their next turn, so watch out. After a bit you'll be instructed to attack the machine on the side of the road.

Shortly you will find yourself floating about in some strange place. Press O to go down, and head towards the blue platform. =

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